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2016 Happenings


One would be hard pressed to find ways in which Gainesville Health & Fitness could further grow and evolve after a year like 2015. In keeping our goal of connecting people to each other, as well as connecting them with new forms of fitness in mind, we've done just that. Through continued community out reach to the introduction of brand new fitness programs exclusive to GHF we can happily say that 2016 was one to be proud of and that we continue to be one of the best companies for the world!

GHF 2016

A Culture of Continuous Improvement


Our promise to the members of GHF is to make your membership more valuable every year. The past year saw an array of improvements to the club's already pristine modern appearance with renovations to the lobby, which included a transformation of our smoothie bar into the newly branded J Bar. The Main Center kids club received a wonderfully modern update & expansion. And we heard your suggestions to improve lighting at the Main Center and we took action. We now have brand new lighting all across the first floor training area!


Ribbon Cuttin

An All-New GHF for Women

The complete makeover of the Women's Center provided our women with the most up-to-date total-body fitness boutique in North Central Florida. Some of these amenities include: Brand new locker room and restroom facilities Brand new resistance training machines Update spa area The latest in cardio equipment New lighting and Flooring Updated Group X room/equipment Introduction of Studio Q at GHF The lobby was also remodeled to present you with a much more open and welcoming entrance to suit the rest of the GHF for Women's modern aesthetic. Oh, and for the kids? We also overhauled the Kid's Club so that moms can be sure their kids are having as much fun as they are within an environment that is both safe and entertaining!

  GHF for Women

More Teamwork

In a continued effort to show the world that the best work is teamwork we made sure to hold regular staff events to further strengthen the team bond. These events included but were not limited to: 

  • “Lunch with Joe” 
  • monthly meetings with staff
  • Annual Christmas Tree Burning 
  • Multiple Dodgeball Tournaments 
  • GHF Movie Night 
  • Supervisor Paintball retreat 
  • GHF Personal Trainer retreat to Blue Springs 
  • Bowling 
  • Kickball team 
  • Walking team for Breast Cancer fundraising
  • Annual GHF Holiday Party held host some some of the best food and best talent we've experienced yet
  Teamwork at GHF

More Group Classes

Gainesville Health & Fitness has always sought to bring people together using fitness so that a community could be built in which we are able to inspire each other to reach our goals. One of the ways we do this is by providing over 1,000 collective group fitness classes across our three health club locations. We expanded our Les Mills class roster at across all of our locations in 2016. Many of our veteran instructors took the opportunity to obtain further instructor certifications and we also added some new instructors to what is already the largest group training roster in Gainesville. But our instructors don't just seek to teach within Gainesville Health & Fitness; They also took our goal of increasing knowledge outside by acting as representatives at a number of public out reach and charity events in the greater Gainesville area.

GHF Group Classes

Open Doors

This year also saw the rebranding of our conference room. The designation of the conference room as the Napoleon Hill room was a conscious decision to not just pay tribute but to also provoke thought. With the addition of words and phrases around the Napoleon Hill Room which aim to inspire, we hope to have created a room the promotes teamwork, insightful conversation and presents our members and guests with many learning opportunities. In keeping with the ideas that inspired the Napoleon Hill Room we opened our doors to play host to a number of people and organizations including but not limited to:

  • Request Physical Therapy seminars 
  • WalGreens seminars on topics such as preventative care
  • Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses of UF 
  • Rex Roundtable Groups from all around the world

Seminars at GHF

2016 Honors & Awards

- Forbes Magazine Top 25 Small Businesses in the Country 2016

- Chamber of Commerce Best Large Business Best Fitness

- Center/Gym by Gainesville Sun

awards at GHF

A History of Service

Our fitness counselors were proud to be able serve those who serve us by assisting over 100 military service men and women in staying fit while on leave over the holidays. During a 45 day “Urban Search & Rescue Training” program we were able to support over 50 troops from the 468th Engineer Firefighter Detachment, the 328th Army Medical Support team and the 424th military police detachment.

Service at GHF

Ever Forward

Even with such an amazing year behind us we know that the best is yet to come. With each year comes a brand new journey. Brand new opportunities. With a continuously growing member and team base we can confidently say that we can't wait continue growing so that we may help you continue on your own journey of personal growth. If there's one thing we know at GHF it's that we can't hang our hats on past successes and we can't be held back by missed opportunities. So thank you and in 2017 we hope you'll join us and start living your life with no limits!

Gainesville Health & Fitness - Live Life. No Limits