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AMP'D 45 At Echo 

The Most Electric Workout In Gainesville

AMP'D 45 is an outdoor coach-led, heart rate-based HIIT group program that will give you more energy, muscle, and calories burned. Every workout is different, which shocks your body into shape and helps avoid the plateau. Located at our new outdoor fitness pavilion, Echo, at GHF Main.

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A Kick Butt Workout in 45 Minutes

AMP'D 45, a small group training program, is an electric approach to a HIIT style workout.

A heart rate based, coach-led, high-intensity group program that will give you more energy, muscle, and calories burned. Ignite your metabolism, strength, and endurance.

Sessions are interval-based and use a combination of rowers, sleds, ski ergs, assault bikes, jump boxes, battle ropes, and a variety of weights. It’s a total body workout with no two sessions exactly alike, which shocks your body into shape and helps avoid the plateau. Intervals are quick and fast-paced, making this 45-minute session fly by. MyZone heart rate monitors are used to give real time metrics to enhance performance (you work harder when you have a device giving you feedback!). All sessions are outside in our new pavilion Echo at GHF Main.

AMP'D 45 is designed to make you sweat and feel challenged.


Package Options & Pricing

pricing unlimited sessions, 8-pack and 4-pack for AMP'D 45


  • Discounted rate on MyZone heart rate monitor (required). $75 at sign up (retail price is $99)
  • Packages auto-renew monthly and can be canceled at any time with 30-day notice.

Ready to purchase? Sessions can be purchased directly on the Mindbody Fitness app,  online, or contact us.


AMP'D 45 Is Different

Unlike other HIIT classes, AMP'D takes your workout to another level.
First, our coaches come packed with experience and have a strong role in teaching, motivating and tracking results. You'll never feel on your own in the workouts.
Second, our programming and equipment are top-of-line. Only AMP'D 45 has the variety of equipment, technology and facility space to give you the newwest and best exercises. No two workouts are alike
Third, every AMP'D 45 participant has access to our free Kid's Club. We watch the kids, while you sweat it out.
Fourth, our AMP'D 45 coaches know the importance of recovery, which is why every participant has access to our post-workout  cold plunge pool for muscle recovery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use in a session?

Days will vary between cardio, strength and hybrid sessions, and no two workouts are the same. Because of that, you'll be using a variety of equipment. You'll have access to dumb bells, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, skiergs, rowers, assault bikes, and so much more. 

Do I need to purchase a heart rate monitor to join a session?

AMP'D is a heart-rate based program and My Zone heart rate monitors are required. This gives participants live tracking on performance. My Zone heart rate monitors can be purchased at a discounted rate of $75 at sign up (retail price is $99). However, you will not need a heart rate monitor for any of the free demo sessions. 


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