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Barre Classes At GHF Women

Improve strength, posture and flexibility.

Barre classes at Gainesville Health & Fitness are the hottest way to sculpt long, lean muscles while you improve your flexibility and develop improved body awareness. This increasingly popular strength-based class is a great way to cross train for muscle sculpting results.

Barre Basics

GHF Barre Classes offer more time on the barre than any other program in town. Using the ballet barre and your own body weight, you will transform your shape and improve strength, posture, and flexibility. Classes are offered in Studio Q at GHF Women and led by certified Barre instructors.

Barre is a hybrid training program to help you build a strong core, lean muscles, and improve posture, flexibility and balance. No prior dance experience is required.

Barre Class Schedule At GHF Women

Monday at 12pm 

Monday at 6pm 

Tuesday/Thursday at 9am 

Ready to feel a transformation? Contact Robin for your free Barre session. There is no charge, no obligation and no risk. Let us know you are interested, and we will get right back with you. Offered at GHF Women in Thornebrook Village.

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