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NormaTec Therapy

Compression recovery is your edge for better workouts and better results.

Introducing the NormaTec Recovery System, a science-based recovery system to increase circulation, conquer sore muscles, and exceed your ultimate goal: perform better to live better. The technology is a a one-of-a-kind compression therapy using dynamic compression (pulsing) instead of static compression (squeezing) to flush toxins out of tired, sore muscles. This type of compression therapy can play a significant role in recovery and healing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Used by professional sports teams like the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Flyers and universities including Alabama and Texas Tech.

Compression Normatec

How Does NormaTec Compression Work?

The NormaTec Recovery System include a control unit and inflatable compression sleeves for legs, hips, and upper body. Clients receive the treatment sitting or lying down with the compression sleeves fitted to the selected area. As the attachments fill with compressed air, they mold themselves to the user’s exact body shape.

Then, in a specific sequence, the system begins applying compression, starting at the foot, hand or lower hip, and gradually progressing up the limb, pulsing, holding and releasing. This wavelike sequence is similar to the body's muscle pumping action.

The effect of this sequential limb massage pattern is to move fluid away and speed muscle recovery while also improving circulation.

Introductory Pricing: If you are part of a Signature Program, such as personal training or X-Force Body, it is $75. All other members pay $100. 

Compression Normatec

Who is NormaTec For?

The Sports Professional: 
Normatec is the best way to upgrade your sports performance. It keeps your body feeling rejuvenated before and after games and competitions. Feeling rejuvenated is a real advantage, especially if traveling and training is a big part of your regimen. Normatec helps flush out lactate from the body faster, and it enhances the body's natural ability to recover between games. 

The Fitness Enthusiast:
If you're a fitness enthusiast, you know the improtance of recovery. Normatec is a critical recovery tool. Once you start, you'll be able to thank them for several PR's. Galen Rupp, Boston Marathon's 2017 second place winner said he used Normatec before the race and afterwards to recover. Competing in triathlons, Ironman, or wherever you are joined by other weekend warriors, Normatec can get your range of motion up, and sore muscles down. 

The Gym Goer:
Decrease muscle fatigue and recover faster from heavy resistance exercises. You'll feel immediate results from using Normatec, and you will feel even more results later in the day and beyond. If you know you're going to do a heavy leg day at the gym, using Normatec will help reduce muscle tenderness from the pressure stimuli, meaning you won't walk weird down the stairs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Normatec help with?

Normatec compression technology helps with increasing blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness to quicken recovery time, and enhances range of motion. Normatec allows you to recover smarter and find your new personal records. 

When do I use it in relation to my workouts?

It serves as a pre-workout warm up or a post-workout recovery to reduce soreness in order to perform better on your next workout. 

When should I feel the results from this?

You feel the results a day or two after using the recovery system. Some people feel the results right afterwards.

How much are Normatec membership packages?

If you are part of a Signature Program, such as personal training or X-Force Body, it is $75. All other members pay $100. 

What all does my Normatec compression membership include?

Membership includes five 10 minute sessions a month.

Where can I find the Normatec technology?
Normatec will be set up in the Chill Room at GHF Main.

If I purchase a membership, can I use the arms and legs at the same time?
Each session includes the use of one body part at a time. If you book a session, you will only be able to recover one part of the body, whether it is the arms, hips, or legs. 

Will someone be staffing it?

Every session will be staffed with one person to set you up and help you when needed. 

Can non-members buy sessions?

A non-member cannot buy sessions, unless part of a Signature Program. 


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