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This Month's Eagles

Jan Campbell

Jan, out of kindness, drove a member home so his family can run errands! Also had a presence on the line when the supervisor needed her.

Tim Lewis

As I was sitting on a chair at the top of the stairs, Tim inquired what’s going on. I told him I was waiting for a guy to get off bike 401 because the TV on 400 doesn’t work. Tim left to restock clean laundry. The guy got off 401 and when I used it, the TV didn’t work on it either. Tim reappeared and I told him it didn’t work on 401 too. He said “Let me jiggle some wires.” He did… but nothing happened. He unplugged the power to re-set it and it worked. He took time from his normal housekeeping duty to meet my needs in a very concerned way.

Camryn King

I heard that Camryn is applying for a new position. Just wanted to give my endorsement – she is warm, helpful, and knowledgeable with those with whom she interacts and helps. She is a great employee and will be an amazing trainer.

LeeAndrew Morales

Big eagle goes to LeeAndrew for guiding a woman out to her car with an umbrella. LeeAndrew came back in soaking wet because he made sure she wouldn’t. Great job boss! (Noah recognized it as well on Slack)

Austin Burritt

Austin came to my rescue when I was unable to start my car. He was so kind, knowledgeable, and patient. Austin was skillful and successfully able to jump my car battery. This saved me from having to get it towed. He is very conscientious and hardworking. He leaves our gym sparkling clean and keeps everything well stocked.

Savannah Howard

I left my shoes at the gym. Savannah found them and called me to let me know. I was able to arrange to be able to pick them up… thanks!!

Debra Johnson

I’m a veteran and I have my share of issues. Ms. Deb has been supportive, loving, and understands just when I needed someone the most. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.

Tanna Townsend

Tanna helped me do a plank – I like to have someone hold the bench so it won’t slip. She was so cheerful about helping and she said she would do the plank with me on the other side of the bench to keep it from sliding. It was such a nice thing to do. I told her that the time of the plank would go by faster if she told a story, so she did! She told me about her family and the time just flew by. Thank you!

Pam Lame & Liz Thompson

I wanted to give my Eagles today to Pam and Liz for having such a meaningful conversation with a member. This member is trying to lose weight and has essentially been putting herself in an extreme caloric deficit because she doesn't know how else to lose the weight. So thank you Pam and Liz for taking the time to do more than just go over an info box - I know we're not nutritionists, but we can make sure our members are achieving their results without doing something dangerous. Thank you for taking the time to speak with her as she went down the line, and explain to her healthier alternatives to her diet. We want our members to achieve results, but we want them to do so safely! Appreciate you ladies.

Edward Major, Quion Major, & Daniel Hernandez

My Eagle of the day goes to Daniel for offering his assistance in the cold, this morning as he came out periodically to check up on Tim and myself when we were changing the tire. He even went to different members to get a bigger jack for Tim’s car. Daniel, is an awesome team player and has always been good to me, whenever I’ve needed him in almost 2 years I’ve known him. Real good character man. Thumbs up to you. Quion also gets an Eagle of the day as she waited patiently even though she had to work at her day job at the school a few hours later and fixed me hot tea. Daniel and Quion, you rock. GHF has some real solid people that make me smile!

Jimmy Logan

Logan is such a king and thoughtful person. He seems to be glad and happy to be working at GHF; wanting to share his knowledge. While the pool was under construction, he asked my husband and me if he wanted to peek in. He took much pride in what was going on. A long time ago a friend of mine, with Parkinson’s disease, was in the “warm/cold” pool area. He needed assistance getting out and in his car. Logan just happened to be in the area. He recognized that my friend needed assistance and followed through by seeing to his car. Logan’s friendliness didn’t end there. He came back to the warm pool when I was in there and told me that my friend was safely on his way home. That’s dedication to assure safety at Gainesville Health & Fitness.