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GHF Farmers Market

Gainesville's one-stop shop for local produce and products

Check out our GHFarmers Market for your one-stop shop of healthy vegetables, fresh fruit, free-range eggs, grass-fed meats, and more locally sourced products from local farmers.

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Welcome To GHFarmers Market

GHFarmers Market is held at ECHO, the outdoor fitness pavilion located at GHF Main Center. All of our vendors are local and provide fresh produce and products to choose from. We are excited to provide a space and opportunity to connect our members, guests and the public with local farmers and vendors every weekend. Future GHFarmers Market dates to be announced.



  • Grow Thyme Hydroponics & Supply is the creation of two women who have come together over a love of fresh food, community, and chasing what excites them. Alex Graham and Stacey Jones founded Grow Thyme Hydroponics & Supply to become your one stop hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics shop. 
  • Saporito Oil, Vinegar, Spice is where health and taste collide. Saporito offers over sixty delightful choices of estate-produced extra virgin olive oil and authentic balsamic vinegar. Their products represent extraordinary examples of high quality, value and freshness impossible to duplicate in traditional supermarket brand.
  • Wild Man Foods began with a vision to raise awareness about the health benefits of the Paleo Diet while increasing access to locally produced wild and grassfed food. Now, Wild Man Foods provides grass-fed meats, wild seafood, wild hog and paleo pet treats with the idea of the Paleo Diet in mind. 
  • Gan Eden Farms started over 10 years ago by couple Amy Bergey and Gary Koenraises, where they raise all-natural, no-antibiotic or chemical, pasture raised chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and cows herbs, Ghost Peppers, and a variety of other products.
  • Innovative Ingredients changes the way we eat by producing better ingredients through innovative means. At Innovative Ingredients, their vision is to look for new ways to bring great quality foods to the local community that are not only good to eat but safe and sustainable for the environment. 
  • In the Kitchen with Garreth supports busy individuals and families by sharing practical tips and whole food recipes easily prepared from your own kitchen for an improved quality of life. 
  • Strega Nona's Oven provides wood-fired delicious pizza using local farmers' market products. 
  • Two Farms One Dream diverts food waste into beautifully alive nutrient and mineral rich soil. Now, couple Harry and Amber have created a full-circle operation where Harry creates the rich soil for herbs, and Amber makes herbal products for the community. 
  • Glendower Farms is an eighth-generation family farm which raises purebred Iberian (Iberico) pigs on pasture. Choose pork products and sausages from their foundation breeding stock imported from Spain.
  • Lakshmis Love Burgers
  • Mad Batter's Baked Goods what started as a hobby of just cupcakes, organically expanded to include cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, scones, cake shots, pies and cakes! Best of all, you'll feel good about Kandy's baked goods because each item is made from scratch with real food and real ingredients. 
  • Barefoot Bohemian Nursery started after spending many years designing landscapes for families and companies. Now their passion for nature and mother earth allows an opportunity to just grow plants and help people make a beautiful place to live.  
  • Strega Nonna's Table
  • Devis
  • Play of Sunlight Mushrooms was founded by Josh Saul in 2014, who first began growing mushrooms in South Carolina in his dad’s shed. Upon returning to Tallahassee, he founded Play of Sunlight mushrooms, which has been serving Florida ever since.
  • Purdy Great BBQ Sauce
  • The Family Garden aims to make organic food more approachable and accessible. They sell high quality organic produce at affordable prices because they want everyone to be able to eat well and choose the best products to feed their families. At the Family Garden, they know that most families are on a budget so they grow a variety of nutrient-dense foods that are in season, fresh, and all for a FAIR price. This way, you can serve delicious meals each week without breaking your bank. Their goal is to produce high quality products and make it affordable for the regular folks.  
More Vendors are coming. Interested in becoming a vendor? Fill out our Vendor Application, and someone will contact you shortly. 

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