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Floor Instructor 

GHF is proud to have a Floor Instructor at all three locations and are proud to be one of the only fitness facilities to have this unique role. Our owner, Joe Cirulli, thought about how his parents would be able to understand and feel comfortable in the fitness environment. And he knew that the Floor Instructor would be able to build relationships with the novice exerciser and help them reach the results they are looking for. 

Job Responsibilities: The Floor Instructor role helps our members achieve their desired fitness results while building lasting relationships. 

A Floor Instructor’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

* Providing premier customer service, including greeting them, responding to questions, engaging with members. 

* Maintaining a clean and orderly environment 

* Assisting in other duties, as assigned 

* Explaining and educating the function and use of the equipment 

* Setting machines and recording repetition 

* Providing a safe, efficient, and effective workout to our members and guests 

* Attends all required staff meetings