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Front Desk 

GHF is proud to have a Receptionist's at all three locations.

Job Responsibilities: As a receptionist at GHF we sincerely welcome people into the club and make them feel good about having been in our facility. We will provide solutions with the knowledge of where and how to access information so no question goes unanswered. 

A Receptionist’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

* Providing premier customer service, including greeting them, responding to questions, engaging with members. 

* Maintaining a clean and orderly environment 

* Assisting in other duties, as assigned 

* Greeting every member and guest while creating a positive and 

* welcoming first impression 

* Communicating with sales team to assist our members and guests 

* Answer phones and directing them to appropriate staff member 

* Maintaining the highest levels of knowledge and access to resources to readily answer questions and to Inform all members or guests of current club activities 

* Saying hello and goodbye to everyone that comes into our facility 

* Attends all required staff meetings