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Holiday Survival Challenge - Maintain, Don't Gain!

The holidays are all about indulging, but don't give into the mindset of inevitable weight gain. A little planning will go a long way in surviving the holiday parties and carving out time for short workouts. 
How It Works:
  1. Fill out the form below to let us know you're ready to maintain!
  2. Complete your first weigh in at GHF Main between November 23rd-25th at the following drop in times:
    • Nov. 23, 8-10am and 6-8pm
    • Nov. 24, 8-10am and 6-8pm
    • Nov. 25, 8-10am and 6-8pm
  3. Use the tips we send you to eat healthy and workout
  4. Attend weekly weigh-ins with a GHF Personal Trainer for encouragement and accountability on either Monday's, Tuesday's, or Wednesday's. All weigh-in's each week will take place between the hours of 8-10am and 6-8pm on M/Tue/Wed at GHF Main.
  5. Complete your post-holiday weigh in at GHF Main between January 4th-8th.

Everyone who successfully maintains their weight will be entered into a prize drawing!

**You must complete 6 of the 7 weekly weigh-in's to be entered**