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15 Minute Studio Q Workout by Pam Harrison™

Try this great mini workout the next time your at the Women's Center during open gym time in Studio Q. You'll get a great, short, total body workout. 


Dynamic warm up: 3-5 minutes
Toy soldiers: Leg swings, reach/pull- movements to generate heat in the body and gradually raise the HR

Workout #1: 6 minute circuit 

Equipment: Medicine Ball (MB), Barre, Mat, set of Dumbbells (DB)

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) :45/:15 (work/rest) 

  • Squats with MB press
  • Tricep Pushups on Barre
  • Mat Hops
  • Reverse Lunge with DB row
  • Seated Twist with MB
  • SkyDivers



Workout #2: 6 mintue circut 

Equipment: Mat, BOSU, 2 Sets of Dumbbells (DB) - one set heavy/one set light

EMOM- Start each set of exercises at the top of the minute, once complete, rest for the remainder of the
minute and get ready to start the next set at the top of next minute. 

Set 1:

  • Deep squats with heavy DB at shoulders (10 reps)
  • RDL with heavy DB (10 reps)

Set 2:

  • BOSU w/ light DB- stand on top of round side of BOSU- front raise to shoulders + side raise to shoulders (10 reps)
  • BOSU w/heavy DB- lay back on BOSU with head & shoulders full supported, bridge up and maintain bridge- Chest press  (10 reps)

Set 3:

  • Mat- Broad jump the length of the mat, landing in a soft squat (10 jumps)
  • BOSU- Hop with both feet onto the top of the BOSU, landing with soft knees and core stabilized, walk down (10 hops)

Set 4:

  • Heavy DB- Walking lunges the length of the studio (2 full lengths)

Set 5:

  • BOSU w/heavy DB- kneel on top and balance tall- bicep curl (10 reps)
  • BOSU w/one heavy DB- kneel on top and balance tall- tricep press overhead (10 reps)

Set 6:

  • BOSU- flat side up- Burpees (10)


Recovery/Cool Down: 3-5 minutes

ROM movements, static stretches