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Gym Renovations at GHF Main Starts June 2024

A Message From Joe Cirulli, Founder & Owner

Back when I started GHF, I had to make a crucial decision about our future. Essentially, it boils down to two options: Do we build a model that can be replicated in multiple cities, or do we focus on serving one community to the best of our ability?

We chose to focus on you—our community in Gainesville. Our local focus has allowed us to grow from a modest 1,500 square foot center in 1978 (roughly the size of our current X-Force Body Studio) to an expansive 122,000 square foot campus. Starting in June 2024, we will adding 11,000 sq. ft. to our main gym facility. 
Our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our community has led to a variety of specialized offerings, including a women’s-only center, our Tioga location, hundreds of new pieces of equipment, two outdoor training spaces, and a range of boutique fitness studios.

We've never stopped working to be better, and we're not about to start now. Thank you for being a part of our journey for the past 45 years. Here's to many more years of fitness, well-being, and community. Follow below for all of the details!rendering outside building nw corner gainesville health & fitness main

Expanding Our Fitness Universe to Unlock Your Greatest Potential

We are thrilled to announce an additional 11,000 square feet to GHF Main. This expansion will feature:
  • A unique bridge over the exercise floor to enlarge our stretching area
  • A state-of-the-art functional training space
  • A stunning new Personal Training Studio
  • A brand new Hot Yoga Studio
  • Expanded leg training area with additional weight equipment
  • An additional dumbbell area with more flat benches
  • A versatile space earmarked for a future business, the details of which will be unveiled later.
With the added space, we'll also have room for more dumbbells, an expanded leg den, additional Olympic benches and cables.

The Bridge Leading West

Your Path To An Expanded Workout Experience

Construction June 17-October 1, 2024

The second floor bridge has two functions: the walkway to the expansion that will house a new functional training space, personal training studio, AND the home to our new open stretching studio. It's double the size of the current space with all of the stretching amenities you need to pre-and post-workout recovery.

Phase 1 will take approximately 90 days and involve the first floor only. Our goal is to minimize disruption of your workouts. A reminder, women have access to GHF Women and Tioga and men have access to GHF Tioga.

Construction Details You May Want To Know!
The deck (west side of building) has been removed; tables have been relocated to outdoor pavilion and J Bar. Two handicapped parking spaces were temporarily removed; please use the existing handicapped spaces across driveway. The side walk will remain open as well as the 3 other handicapped spots.

Tarp is up on first floor to block off construction site. All weight machines shifted toward GroupFit Studio. Rig has been removed (exercises can be done at the outdoor pavilion) and ab machines are now in the boxing studio upstairs. Please ask a Blue Shirt (GHF employee) if you cannot find a machine or exercise.

One row of Cardio Theater TVs have been removed. You are welcome to use the cardio machines upstairs that have TVs. 

GroupFit Studio, X-Force Body Studio, and basketball court are open.

A New Hot Yoga Studio

Classes Are Included In Your Membership!

Get ready to ignite your practice and transform your well-being at Gainesville Hot Flow (GHF), Gainesville's premier destination for everything yoga.

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our state-of-the-art hot yoga studio, designed to be your haven for heat, harmony, and holistic transformation located on the first floor. Forget the hassle of multiple memberships! GHF is your one-stop shop for a complete fitness experience.

Our inclusive memberships grant you access to a full spectrum of hot yoga classes, from the restorative serenity of Yin/Yang to the dynamic power of Hot Yoga Flow. We even offer express options for those on-the-go.

Each class is meticulously crafted and led by our esteemed GHF Yoga Team, renowned for their expertise and passion for hot yoga. Step inside our meticulously designed studio, and let the beautiful space envelop you in a haven of tranquility. The thoughtfully curated environment will enhance your practice, fostering a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit. Because at GHF, your journey to a stronger, more centered you starts here.
hot yoga studio new build in gainesville florida free class

New Functional Training Space

Located on the second floor of the expansion, this turfed area is a dream for everyone who is making up their own workouts
  • Workout rig with attachments for jumping, pulling, pushing, swinging
  • Dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Ropes
  • Selection of cardio machines
The open design of the space allows for your favorite workouts with the equipment you need. You will find additional functional workout spaces through the gym including the new End Zone (focus on glutes), new cable area, and larger leg den.
functional training with turf in gainesville gym

Expanded Leg Den

We are relocating the leg den to the current Personal Training Studio on the second floor. It will offer more space and more equipment including squat and deadlift platforms. 

expansion interior photos at GHF

More Olympic Benches, Flat Benches

Once the new areas are completed, we will have space for more dumbbells, flat benches, Olympic benches, and cables.
upstairs expanded turf area