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Torch Calories & Hang With Your Friends: Sweat Fest Teens

Hot Summer Workouts!

Torch some calories and make some friends in Booty Blast and AMP'D 45!

June 19-28, 2023 at GHF Main

Over the course of two weeks, you'll have the opportunity to explore both our Booty Blast class and AMP'D 45. Mix and match, try both, and find the perfect fit for you and your friends.

Booty Blast: Join us for a Booty Class experience that will sculpt, shape, and strengthen your glutes like never before! We'll guide you through dynamic workouts specifically designed to target your glutes.

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am at our outdoor pavilion (June 20 and 22) with Nicole
Monday & Wednesday 8am in our GroupFit Studio (June 26 and 28) with Narina

AMP'D 45: Ready to sweat like never before? Experience a 45-minute METCON (metabolic conditioning) circuit-style workout that focuses on dynamic movements that get your heart rate up, which makes you burn calories far after the workout is over. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am, Tuesday & Friday 8:30am-you pick 2 sessions to attend)

At Summer Sweat Fest, you'll join a vibrant community of like-minded teens who are ready to sweat with you.

To sign up for your free two weeks of classes, simply fill out the form below. For ages 13 and up in summer teen membership program or regular membership program.