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One On One Personal Training
For Boxing Technique & Fitness

Transform your boxing technique, endurance, and overall fitness through our one-on-one boxing training sessions. 

Each boxing training session is meticulously crafted to ensure that every jab, cross, and hook is executed with precision. We'll dive deep into the fundamentals of boxing, from footwork and stance to powerful striking techniques, while also integrating rigorous conditioning exercises that boost your stamina and resilience. 

Message from your personal trainer Lucas Todd: My approach is holistic; I am not just improving your ability to throw a punch but enhancing your cardiovascular health, strength, and mental toughness. Expect to be pushed beyond your limits in a supportive environment, where every sweat-drenched session brings you closer to your fitness goals. Welcome to a journey where grit meets grace, and where your boxing prowess is forged under expert guidance.

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