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High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a exericse session arranged as short bursts of very hard work. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. In order to qualify as true HIIT, you’ll need to push yourself to the max during every set. That’s why they’re short—anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds. 

Numerous studies have shown that working your hardest is key when it comes to boosting endurance, increasing metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and losing body fat. 

GHF offers HIIT style classes: HIIT (high intensity interval training), HIIT Power, SWEAT, SWEAT Express, and all cycle classes.  Complete class schedule at ghfc.com/classes.

If you are looking for basic, easy to follow workouts that don't sacrifice intensity, these classes are for you! Ready to try a class or explore our other programs and amentities?