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Your Gym Membership Options While We Are Closed


By executive order of the State of Florida Governor's Office, all gyms have been temporarily closed.  There is no re-open date.

While we are closed, you have three membership options outlined below.  We will take care of every membership request individually.  We are experiencing a high volume of member inquiries right now and will contact you as soon as we can. 

Contact:  352.375.7618 or [email protected].

A Letter From Joe Cirulli

Dear GHF Members,

It's been whirlwind over the last week.  We have been working out all of the details for our staff to take care of them financially and handling membership inquiries.  We promise we will take care of each of you on an individual basis.  We will add the time we are closed to each membership.
 As an update to our communication sent on March 21, we would like to remind you of membership options while we are closed. You have three options:
  1. Freeze your membership time, continue your dues (these dollars will go to paying our staff)
  2. Freeze your membership time and dues while we are closed
  3. Cancel your membership following State guidelines
Because we are a local business, we can work with you one on one to determine your best solution.  You may contact our business office at 352.375.7618 or [email protected] for assistance.  
Please make sure we have your correct email address for efficient communication and if you have previously unsubscribed from GHF let us know so we can resubscribe you.  You will receive all member updates via email.
We are dedicated to our staff, our members, and the whole community and look forward to getting through this together.
In the meantime we will be sharing workouts, stress relief, healthy eating, and more for you while you are at home.  Stay healthy!


Joe Cirulli

What We Are Doing While You're Away

As a reminder, we have deep cleaned and sanitized every part of the gyms from the pool, the equipment, locker rooms, all surfaces, door handles, floors, and everything in between. And, we have upgraded many parts of the gym including the sauna, boxing room, new equipment, and general maintenance. Our employees have been working hard to get the gyms ready to welcome you back.

New Products And Procedures For Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sanitizing:

  • Increased the number of Purell hand sanitizers units throughout the gyms.
  • Ordered Wash Guard, a new hand sanitizer foam that will give you up to 4 hours of protection.
  • Located at each main entrance. Added more gym wipe canisters (anti-bacterial/virus wipes) and made them available everywhere.
  • Ordered new Air Pear fans with a sanitizing UV light that kills 99% of all airborne germs.
  • UV light added to major HVAC systems in all gym locations.
  • Added electrostatic sanitizer unit, CLOROX 360, to kill 99% of cold/rhinovirus and flu viruses and MRSA. To be used in conjunction with Wash Guard Electrostatic Surface Cleaner which kills 99% of germs for up to 21 days . We will spray on all gym equipment and facility surfaces.

We cannot wait to welcome you back to your new fitness home with the newest in sanitation products to keep us all safe, healthy, and back to the routines we have missed so much!


Workout At Home For Free 

Miss your routine? We understand! Our instructors and trainers are now available online for free! You can still enjoy your favorite classes and workouts from the comfort of your home, via Zoom (password required), Facebook Live or Instagram Live following the link below each class on our GHF At Home page.
Looking for something else? We have several options to choose from:

GHF YouTube Channel

We have hundreds of videos that share "how to" tips for lots of exercises. You can also learn about healthy eating and stress relief.

We will be adding videos to this channel weekly.


We have teamed up with TRX to give you 6 months FREE on the TRX App with tons of bodyweight training, HIIT, functional training, yoga, recovery, cycling, andTRX workouts.

Follow the steps below to get the app and get started with tons of free workouts.
1.Go to TRXStart.com
2.Create a profile and use the code P2SX5UVVJQ
3.Download the TRX App in the App Store or Google Play
4.Use login information from the profile you created onTRXStart.com

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills gives us a platform offering 95 free workouts across 8 categories. Body Pump, Flow, Combat, CX Core, and more are offered for free.