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Sydney Women's Center Testimonial

"I played sports all my life, but when I hurt my knee I gained 40 pounds. I wasn't comfortable working out at the campus gym - I felt judged there. That's when my mother took me to GHF Women. 

I didn't know how to exercise and didn't want to look like an idiot, but they patiently taught me everything I need to know and was always encouraged.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at GHF Women, I've lost the 40 pounds, and I have my life back. I'm glad to admit it, but Mom was right."

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Women's Center gym testimonial

"Sometimes I get winded when I’m singing and acting, and I really wanted to be better. I chose to come to the women’s center because it was all women and I felt a little self-conscious about myself at the time.

The trainers were friendly and helpful and showed me how. The staff of Face2Face, a new member program, made me feel comfortable, and with their help, I lost 74 pounds.

So if you’re afraid to get started, don’t be. Just come in and you’ll find the same love and support that I found."

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