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StudioQ Class Descriptions

Q SculptWith a different focus each day you can develop the chiseled look you're after. Each sculpt class will follow the same set of programming to ensure you'll reach your fitness goals!
                Monday - Q Sculpt (Abs &Glutes)
                Tuesday - Q Sculpt (Total Body)
                Wednesday - Q Sculpt (Core Blast/Abs & Glutes)
                Thursday - Q Sculpt (Total Body)
                Friday - Q Sculpt (Abs & Glutes)
                Saturday - Q Sculpt (Total Body)
Q Circuit: This class combines various pieces of equipment and exercises giving you a calorie burning workout while focusing on toning muscles evenly.  It's fun and fast paced format will give you the strong and toned physique you're looking for!  For all ages and fitness levels.
Q Barre: Q Barre mixes elements of pilates, yoga, and functional movement with the ballet barre to help you develop long lean muscles!
Q Course: The Q Course Obstacle Course Challenge will push you in new ways! Whether you are training for an obstacle race, want to increase your strength, or are just after a fun workout - Q Course will keep you guessing with countless ways to test your mind and body on our versatile Queenax system!
Q HIITChallenge your body like never before with High Intensity Interval Training using the revolutionary Queenax unit! Combining intense active bursts with brief recovery periods will keep your heart rate up - burning more fat in less time!
Q TeamIf you work better with a team then Q Team is the class for you! Face challenges together and push your team to reach new levels of fitness! At Studio Q no one gets left behind.
Q PlayIt's recess for adults with our Q Play class! Swing, climb, and play during your lunch break every Friday afternoon at Sudio Q!
Q Yoga:
                Level 1: Q Yoga Level 1 includes breath control, meditation, and postures, to help stretch and relax the body while improving strength, balance, and coordination.
                Level 2: Take your yoga practice to the next level! Q Yoga Level 2 is designed to test and challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility through fluid movements, breath control, and focus while utilizing the Queenax unit.