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Functional Training Studio at GHF Women 

Functional training is the hottest fitness trend and for good reason.

Functional movements use large groups of muscles working together across your body. These exercises often look similar to movements you’d make in your daily life. Picking up a heavy object, swinging a pickleball paddle, or carrying groceries are real-world situations that functional training can help you improve.
Our functional training studio, Studio Q, gives you the equipment you need and the space you want for your workouts. And, it's women only. Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, ropes, pull up bars, resistance bands, ballet barre, swing bars, and more. You may also use the strength training and cardio equipment on the exercise floor and do hybrid workouts. When you are done, relax and recover in the sauna, steam, and hot tub. And, there's free babysitting while you workout!

Try out our functional training studio just for women with a free gym pass. Complete the form below and we will set it up with you!