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Frequently Asked Questions About SWEAT Zone

How to use MyZone Technology

Why do I want to use a heart rate monitor?

You want better fitness results.  Tracking the calories burned, intensity, and duration of your workouts is a proven way to get better results.  What gets measured, gets done.  You will find yourself setting goals for each workout and achieving them.  Heart rate monitors are the gold standard of accurate exercise tracking.  We use the latest in heart rate technology, MYZONE, to give you real time, heart-rate based readings.  When it comes to wearables, heart rate monitoring via chest strap has been proven to be both accurate and reliable, compared to wrist-based and other worn fitness devices.


What kind of exercises do you do in class? 

Sweat Zone is a cardio and strength interval class.  We use Airdyne bikes, water rowers, jump ropes, pull up bars, kinesis cable system, TRX, dumbbells, bosu balls, jump boxes, and your own bodyweight. We teach you how to use the equipment in class. All movements are athletic combining plyometrics, jumping jacks, burpees, jogs and a variety of strength based moves like squat, lunges, rows, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep extensions and more. 


How many calories will I burn?

We see a range from 500-700 calories per class.  Sweat Zone classes are 45-60 minutes.


What level of fitness do I have to be to participate?

Because we give modifications, all fitness levels will feel comfortable.  We teach you how to gradually progress through the class format so you can do it!


What if I cannot do burpees or a pull up?

The instructors modify all movement to include a low impact, back friendly version.  Other modifications are given based on participant requests.


How will I know how to use the equipment?

We will show you how to use the equipment and other movements that will be used in class.  We will also show you how to modify the exercises based on restrictions.


How do I buy a heart rate monitor?

The front desk at GHF Women.  We have those available to you for $75 representing a 50% discount off online price.


How do I set it the heart rate monitor?  I am not very tech savvy.

Once you purchase the heart rate monitor, we will give you the facility code needed to set up your account at myzone.org.  Click here to learn how to set up your profile.  If you need assistance, you can ask the instructor, the facility supervisor, or contact MYZONE support at [email protected]


Can I use any heart rate monitor?

Only the MYZONE monitor will work with the MYZONE system.  We give our members a 50% discount off online purchase.



Does the class cost extra?

Sweat Zone classes are included in every membership, there is no extra charge.


How often should i do this class?

You may do interval training classes two times per week for the best results.  Since you are working at a higher level of intensity, you will need recovery time.  Go to ghfc.com/classes for a schedule.


Do I have to reserve a space in the class?

No reservations required.  You may want to get to class early to get a spot.