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Backpacks To Barbells - A Week of Family, Fitness & Fun

Sept. 18-22 At GHF Tioga

Join us for a week of fun-filled fitness that is for the whole family! There are classes and workshops for the kid's and free offerings for you too:

Parents you get a complimentary gift package Sept 18-22 that includes
  • membership at GHF Tioga
  • hydromassage in our Chill studio
  • free personal training session
  • free week of CrossFit
  • free Pilates Reformer class
Check out the itinerary below. Complete the form and we will get you registered and contact you about how to get started.


Your itinerary for the week:

Free Kids Classes

Fit Kids

This class encourages children to move creatively in a non-competitive environment while honoring each child's unique expression. We incorporate games, yoga, obstacle courses and FUN!

  • Fit Kids (Ages 4-8) 9/18, 4-4:30
  • Fit Kids (Ages 8-12) 9/18, 4:30-5
  • Fit Kids (Ages 4-9) - 9/20, 4-4:45 

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is tailored specifically for young minds and bodies, kids yoga is a blend of age-appropriate yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, and playful activities that foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Kids Yoga (Ages 4-6) - 9/19, 4-4:30


This class takes your kids through fun obstacle courses that aim to help kids develop physical fitness, strength, coordination and overall wellness.

  • KidStrong (Ages 4-8) - 9/21, 4pm 
Free Workshops for Kids & Parents

Father-Son Weight Training with GHF Personal Training

In our Father-Son Weight Training sessions, you'll workout together, guided by our experienced trainers. You'll learn the fundamentals of weight training, focusing on safety and proper technique.

  • 9/19 - 6pm
  • 9/21 - 6pm

CrossFit For Kids (Ages 6-13)

This class is designed to prepare young people to perform proper movement and create healthy habits for their future. Participants will learn to prioritize form and gain more control and awareness of their bodies within a fun group environment.

  • 9/18-9/21 - 4:15pm

Mother-Daughter Pilates (Ages 12+)

Enjoy a mother-daughter Pilates class that engages in a dynamic mix of mat work, reformer exercises and other various Pilates equipment.

  • 9/18 - 4:30pm


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