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GHF Personal Training Client Testimonials


Athena Personal Training
I have always been active in the gym. I am a scientist in the field of Virology and at the beginning of 2020 suffered a fractured spine while rolling with a partner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I couldn't move my legs. I thought I was paralyzed. Then after months of healing I could walk, but not much more. 

I hired a GHF Personal Trainer, Jonah, to help me in my recovery and since then I've made great strides in regaining strength, mobility and confidence in my fitness routine. now I'm back on the squat rack. 

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Jim Testimonial

My wife started doing personal training and encouraged me to do it, too. I came from a running background and ran three marathons until I transitioned to triathlons. 

Since working with Zack, my 5k time is faster, my 5-mile distance is faster and my best mile time is 6:41, so I was very encouraged by that. Overall, I've improved my running and biking, and I have a lot more core strength that I use especially during running.

It was a natural move to work with Zack and I've been very pleased.

What helps me preserve my motivation is knowing that I don't have to be out every day, but it helps me to be fit and ready for any available event.

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ICinida Testimonial was a runner, but problems with my plantar fasciitis forced me to stop. That's when I started training with Abby and she helped me to overcome it. Once my foot pain was gone, she began to train me for my first biathlon. I completed it and was so proud. Since then I have completed my second and am training for my third. 

Training is so worth it because you can see the real changes in your body.

Abby taught me so much and I recommend her and GHF Personal Training to anyone.

Believe your dream. Find your team. 

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Jerry Testimonial

I'd been working out for a while and wanted some more guidance and motivation. I started training with Nick Velez, and he has me doing things I never thought I could do - full squats, push-ups, and pull ups. He's given me an attitude that shows I have no boundaries. 

With his encouragement and expertise, I lost 37 lbs and 4-5 inches off my waist, I have more stamina and confidence, I take the stairs, and will run my first 5k in October. 

It's amazing how much better I feel." 

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Steve Testimonial


"I was the typical 72-year-old couch potato. I watched sports, remembering how active I was in my youth and longing to be active again.

 I knew I couldn't be that age again, but I could get to a better place. That's when I decided to take action. My wife gave me some personal training sessions with Master Personal Trainer, Matt Mallard and it changed my life.

I'm more flexible and can hit the golf ball 20 yards farther. Plus I've dramatically lowered my A1C. And, I feel better about myself."


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Betty Testimonial


My hips hurt, I had osteoarthritis, I couldn’t run without pain, and, my doctor told me I needed a double hip replacement. I was devastated. I started on the search for a solution.
I decided to try Kinstretch, mobility enhancement training as part of my personal training routine. The results were amazing. After just two weeks, I was pain-free. It’s been six months now and my life has changed and the best part, I don’t need hip replacement surgery.
Kinstretch training is for anyone who wants maximum body control, flexibility, and usable range of motion.


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Nick Testimonial

My professional life as a police officer is incredibly stressful, and being healthy and strong are necessities. I joined GHF Personal Training to challenge me to be both. After three months of training with Nick Velez, I have lost 25 pounds and I’m stronger than ever. My understanding of exercise has grown and I’ve learned proper form so I can work out without pain. My family life is more active with hiking, biking and running. GHF Personal Training has given me a new problem- because of the weight loss I have to buy a new uniform, two sizes smaller!

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Phyllis Testimonial

My hobby is gardening, my but passion is growing orchids.  Because I have 150 of them weighing between 25 and 50 pounds, my hobby can be quite physical.  I decided I needed to be in better shape to take care of them without having to ask others to help me.  Originally, I joined personal training to lose weight thinking this was the best option for me.  But to my surprise, I didn’t lose weight but gained muscle giving me the strength I needed to care for my orchids. 

My personal trainer Laura Lindahl challenged me to do things outside my comfort zone to increase my endurance and strength. The process was trans formative. Walking down the stairs after my first session was tough, but now I can take the stairs two steps at a time. I can pick up my heavy plants without fear of injury  and move them around the yard without falling. Without personal training I could not enjoy my hobby and would be stuck in a rut doing the same old things.

I’ve experienced the results that personal training can give you and it’s life-enhancing.  They can help you too.

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Ed Testimonial
I started training with Jeremy in May 2016.  I'm 64 years old and still playing basketball with guys in their 20's! There is no doubt in my mind that would not be possible if I wasn't training with Jeremy.

My first serious sports injury occurred just 2 days before my 58th birthday. After several injuries, I knew I had to do something. The first thing I’ll mention is that Jeremy is an excellent teacher, which in my opinion goes way beyond being just a trainer. During all the time we've been working together, I haven't hurt myself one time when training on my own. I stayed free of serious injury until March 2018, a period of close to two years, until I suffered a torn meniscus playing basketball and had arthroscopic surgery.

Based on the 20 months of training with Jeremy, I was very confident he would do a great job of getting me back to playing again. Exactly four weeks and one day later, I was playing again! One of my teammates wanted to know why I stopped, so I told him about the knee surgery. He said, “You played like that after having surgery?!” I was so happy I could hardly stand it. At first I thought personal trainers would just get in your face and scream at you, but GHF Personal Training was anything but that. If you keep yourself active, you can do plenty of stuff.

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Robert Testimonial
I joined GHF three months prior to working with Laura. Working on my own wasn’t giving me the results I’d hoped for. My weight was in excess of 250 pounds. I had shoulder and knee pain as well as high blood pressure.

Working with Laura this past year, I have lost about 36 pounds, reduced my knee and shoulder pain and no longer need to take my blood pressure medication. It was difficult at first but became beneficial in the end. It’s fun buying pants four sizes smaller. I’ll say what Laura always says, “You invest in a lot of things, why not invest in your health?” I am totally happy with the decision I made to work with a qualified trainer.
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Carol Deemer Testimonial
Several years ago, I started having serious knee problems and health issues. I remember the day I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office. I freaked out. I decided if I wanted to save my knee and myself, I was going to have to commit to becoming stronger, not only mentally but also physically and lose the weight. 
I didn’t want to be that unhealthy mom when my daughter graduated from high school the next year. I was giving myself exactly one year to lose at least 50 pounds, so I signed up to do personal training with Betty at GHF. I was hesitant with every exercise because I felt pain in my knee from simply walking. Betty arranged exercises that I could do to gain strength in my knee and confidence in myself. From the beginning, she told me this was going to be a slow journey, but as long as I stuck with it I would see the results. By my one year mark I had lost 55 lbs and 58 inches!
Working out with a personal trainer at Gainesville Health & Fitness has been the best thing I could have done for me. Betty had faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself. I have been doing Personal Training with Betty for 4 years now and I love it! Watch my story.


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Anita Testimonial

"My weight was 260 pounds when I first started my training. I could hardly walk due to my knees, my muscles and my obesity. I could not walk up the steps to the personal training studio. I had to use the elevator. I could not reach my feet to take my shoes on and off. I could not get up off the floor at all unless I had someone pull me up.And the list went on...I was discouraged and a mess. Then, I met Patrick Millen who changed my life. He pushed me to heights I never thought possible and he never gave up on me. I am proud to say I have lost nearly 80 pounds since then. Watch my story."

- Anita

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Cecilia Testimonial

““It’s amazing to me how Personal Training improves my attitude and clears my mind to think creatively.” I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Mark Williams, GHF Personal Trainer. There’s so much to say about him that it will sound rehearsed, but Mark rules! He constantly seeks information to stay current on training styles and lifts. He listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts his style to help me progress. He absorbs knowledge from all sources and tests it before sharing it with me. He’s careful, observant and MOTIVATING. As long as I’ve been lifting, he has never let me execute a lift that is anything less than one of perfect form. I appreciate that because that keeps me from injury. Mark pushes me to achieve my fitness goals beyond what I would do on my own…countless times.

With patience and fantastic humor, he listens to my grumbling and then asks, “You done?” Then we’re onto our next set. We’ve learned a lot about each other with the years of training. Mark’s my friend now and I can say he is a man of morals, character, and integrity. He is honest, dedicated and selfless. I know he values lessons learned, but mostly Mark focuses on the future and growth. He is supportive, encouraging and full of warmth and vitality. He is very funny. So, if you hear two fools cackling in the early morning hours, my guess is it’ll be Mark and me.

There are always goals to achieve. The training itself shows documented physical progress toward these goals, but it’s amazing to me how personal training improves my attitude and clears my mind to think creatively. It sounds weird, but it’s true! Personal training is a physical and mental outlet that leads to positive changes. Mark makes it fun and keeps it interesting. Our hour flies by. Personal training with Mark has kept me strong during weak moments.

- Cecilia

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I learned how to do the exercises the right way.
Chris taught me how to design my own workouts.

Debi R Testimonial

“When I started GHF Personal Training I was in a pretty unhealthy place (mentally and physically) due to work and life. My first several weeks I hated getting up and going to the gym for training, but I went (I paid in advance for my sessions so I couldn’t cancel). In the first several weeks GHF Personal Trainer Chris Nethercutt taught me all the proper techniques I needed to do exercises, some of which I had done before, but with not proper form. He was very patient with me as I was new to most things. He never made me feel dumb or like I was supposed to already know things. He pushed me when I need to be pushed.

As time went on I started enjoying showing up! We started reducing my training from 3 days a week to 2 days a week and then 1 day a week. Chris would give me "homework” workouts to do by myself. He ended up typing up an exercise list for me to learn to design my own workouts. For the last 2 months, I was writing my own workouts. It gave me confidence that I could easily do this on my own.

I’m looking forward to the continued health change in my body as I workout into the future. My wife is now wanting me to craft workouts for her as well!

- Ben

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Debi R

Lost over 30 pounds.
“My posture dramatically improved”

Debi R Testimonial

I weigh 30lbs less. My posture has dramatically improved. I have no knee pain & no longer require knee supports while training. I stand taller and feel more healthy & confident. My squats are actually squats now & not partial squats. I can do complete reverse lunges.

The list of things I can do now, that I could not do before starting GHF Personal Training, could go on & on.... but the most important improvement has been my understanding & knowledge. My trainer answers every single question I ask with a full explanation, without fear that he will lost a client once she reaches her goals. 

As a result, I know proper training is based on science & is not as simple as, "choose what you like each day" as I had previously been instructed at other gyms & personal training studios. 

My trainer provides customized training based on my needs. I am confident knowing I'm not paying for one-size-fits-all training that may or may not help me. 

- Debi R

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Jared C.

Lost over 30 pounds.
“Confidence & Discipline”

Since the third grade I have struggled with my weight trying fad diets and looking for any quick fix that didn’t involve a proper diet and exercise. I decided that before I was 30 I needed to, once and for all, do something about my state of health.

GHF Trainer, Kevan Knudsen, worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals such as completing a pull-up on my own. We obtained what seemed like the impossible feat of one pull-up, and now I’ve gone on to set a goal of reaching ten pull-ups on my own; so far I’m up to five.

Through Kevan’s leadership and motivational skills I was able to lose over 30 pounds, while building muscle mass in the process. The muscular and cardiovascular gains that I have made while training with Kevan have far surpassed anything that I thought I could do. Before Kevan, workouts mostly consisted of 15 to 20 minutes on the elliptical or bike a few times per week. This was due to the fact that I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to working out with weights.

Since training with Kevan, I feel more confident in working out on my own with free weights. I’ve gained knowledge of the proper form & technique needed to reduce the risk of injury. Working out with my personal trainer, Kevan, has instilled in me the confidence & discipline I need to continue to improve myself through sound nutrition and physical activity. Now I am more aware of what it takes to maintain a healthy body.

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Brooke F.

Lost 95 pounds.
“The mirror is not my enemy anymore.”

I was very active and determined in my teenage years through early twenties, and then things changed. I entered a bad relationship and things started to unravel. I felt isolated and food became my new best friend. Before I knew it, I was 275 pounds and a size 18. If I passed a reflective window I would look away. I did not like this new person I had become, but I did not know how to fix it.

I started training with GHF Personal Trainer Michelle Adams in July 2010. Early on in our sessions she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do, that I am in control. I had no idea what she meant. She taught me healthy nutrition habits and exercise techniques. I was doing everything wrong before, and now, with Michelle, I was finally on the right track.

I am now a size "small" and have lost 95 pounds. I am better inside and out. I thrive with discipline and wake up with energy. I have passed this new healthy lifestyle on to my kids. In such a short period of time I have come to realize I can do whatever I want to do. The mirror is not my enemy anymore.

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Margaret W.

Lost 35 pounds, 3 dress sizes & 10% body fat.
“Scott’s encouragement and patience has made all the difference.”

As I watched my weight and blood pressure climb I realized I wanted to be healthier, but the yo-yo pattern throughout my life was discouraging. My mother suffered from heart disease and diabetes, so I knew I had to take charge and become healthier, but it was a slow climb.

With the encouragement of family and friends, I started training with GHF Personal Trainer Scott Larkin in July 2009. I started to see remarkable changes. I have lost over 35 pounds and three dress sizes. My body fat has dropped over 10 percent. I feel leaner and I know I am stronger. My endurance has improved, along with overall exercise performance, and my blood pressure is improved. With much continued support, my journey will continue. My commitment to a healthier life will include good choices and maintaining my diet and fitness program. Scott’s encouragement and patience has made all the difference.

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Cheryl C.

Lost 25 pounds & 6 dress sizes in 6 months.
“This is the best I’ve ever felt!”

I have always been a fairly active person, but things changed when I took a desk job that required me to work late several hours a week. With these changes, including “the change,” I began to gain a few pounds and eventually began needing medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and hypothyroid.

I finally reached the point when I knew I had to make some changes. I heard GHF Personal Trainer Laura Noyes speak about how exercise had made a difference in her life, and I started training soon after. I found out I was in the “obese” category and just how “out of shape” I had become.

I have had great results!! I never dieted; I just changed my way of eating. I lost 25 pounds over a period of about six months and my body fat is in the normal range. I have tone and definition in my body. I have cut my cholesterol medicine dosage in half, and I’m almost off my blood pressure medicine. My doctor says I’m her model patient! I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 4. I believe this is the best I’ve ever felt!

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Kimmy C.

Dropped 5 dress sizes & lost 45 pounds.
“I changed my life.”

It was a few months into my freshman year of college and everything just hit me. I was done with the struggle of being overweight, my resonant label as the “fat girl” in the group and not thinking I was good enough.

I started training in a small group led by GHF Personal Trainer Nolle Graham. Week after week, Nolle gave me the focus and encouragement I needed to continue. My confidence boosted from my success, so my best friend and I started to train 2-on-1, which gave me greater courage and motivation.

Eventually, I began training 1-on-1 with GHF Personal Trainer Charles Garrett. I was striving by myself for new, individual goals, and I was making even faster progress than I had ever done before.

For me, losing weight is more than just dropping pant sizes and fitting into the coveted little black dress; it’s about creating self-fulfilling goals in life and having the ability to push my mind and body full throttle to achieve them.
GHF Personal Training undoubtedly changed my life. It broke me from my plateau and all the negative energy I had built up. My trainers have been there with me every step of the way.

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Danielle C.

Dropped 5 dress sizes & 6.5 inches.
“I found a new lease on life!”

There’s a point in a person’s weight loss journey when they wake up and get it. The light bulb goes off, and there is no stopping them. I had the determination of knowing I wanted to lose weight, but I always gave up. Being who I was seemed easier than working hard to get the results I wanted.

One day I agreed to work with my sister’s trainer at GHF, and it changed my life forever.

My trainer made me want to train. I found not only the strength to lift weights, but the strength within myself to know I could achieve all that I wanted. GHF Personal Trainer Nolle Graham stepped me up into the results-driven, next level that I never thought I would reach—but I did. I loved the gym and the two hours a week I spent with someone who genuinely cared about me, my success and my overall well-being.

I finally have this new life that I never thought I would have. I am who I was always meant to be. The internal motivation a person can get once they start seeing the results is amazing. Seeing the results of personal training is incredible!

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Scott F.

“I’m pain free. GHF Personal Training has changed my life.”

After dealing with sciatic nerve pain for many years I started having knee pain. I was told I had a bad tear in the meniscus of my left knee, but nothing short of surgery would fix it.

I hobbled around for a year and a half and the pain got worse and worse. Between my sciatic nerve pain and my knee pain I was really out of commission. I virtually stopped doing any exercise. I knew I had to do something, but I did not want to have surgery.

In August 2008 I started training with GHF Personal Trainer Jim McCown. He had me warm up on the stationary bike during our first session, but after a minute I had to stop because I was in so much pain. Jim looked at me and said, “We have a lot of work to do.”

That day is when my life began to change. Within two months I was feeling much better. After five months I was pain free. Since working with Jim I have hiked rugged and strenuous trails in 30 national parks pain free. I know I couldn’t have done this without his help. GHF Personal Training has changed my life.

From Blah To A Blast!

I started personal training and working on my nutrition with two incredible trainers, Rod Clark and Robin Zukowski in November of 2009. When I first started, I was pretty skeptical about the whole process. Would I really lose weight? Could I be consistent enough? Would I eat well during the week and then blow it on the weekends? Well I did... I've lost 60 pounds, 32 total inches and I am down 4 dress sizes!

GHF Personal Training has helped transform my life from blah to a blast! I am still working at it every day and love trying new ways to stay active. I could not have done any of this without the support from my family, friends, and the GHF Personal Training family. Thanks everyone for helping me reach my goals!
Andrea M.

Exceeds My Expectations

I started training with Katie (Rue). after my trainer moved. She continually exceeds my expectations. I am seeing more immediate results. I will continue to train with her no matter what the investment!
Sara L.

Dramatic Changes

John (Carmean) has inspired me to make dramatic changes in my lifestyle. I look better and feel better. He uses the perfect amount of humor, concern and motivation and makes me look forward to my training sessions.
Molly K

What Mattered Most

It was not about how hard you (Charles G) worked me or how much body fat you helped me lose -- it was a different kind of support. You made me feel that I matter and that all would be okay, and you did so without ever saying a word.
Pamela R

Every Step of The Way

Michelle has been teaching me the proper way to run, encouraging me to enter a 5k and finding 5k's for me to enter. I finally entered one on the 13th and Michelle came to run with me! This was her own time! She stayed with me (when she could have won the whole thing), encouraged me every step of the race and stayed through the awards at the end. It was 37 degrees and very windy. She was freezing but more concerned about whether or not I was having a good experience than her own comfort. She is amazing!
Vandy T.

Enduring Results

The Endurance Team helped me to build confidence, strength, and achieve lifelong goals. Without their help and support I could have never accomplished what I had dreamed of. I gained endurance in a fun and friendly environment, and met people that were at my same training level. I would recommend the experience to anyone!
Whitney Nobles