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Regular physical exercise is emerging as one of the most protective factors in the fight against the pandemic. It helps us maintain health and there is strong evidence to suggest that physical exercise helps prevent the adverse effects on mental health brought on by the stress of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Work out at home supervised by an expert trainer or coach, following evidence-based exercise and training. A perfect option if you need motivation, discipline, expertise and customized exercise. Get back to exercise, and get back to life!

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We want you to exercise while you are not at the gym and have put together 3 virtual training options. Each program has a different exercise focus, schedule, and price point. Choose from Personal Training, Pilates, and TRIBE Team Training—all online for your convenience and safety. 

Virtual Personal Training at GHF

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, free yourself from physical limitations or chase adventure, our certified personal trainers will lead you to success. 

Work out at home, supervised, LIVE by an expert trainer, following evidence-based exercise. This is a perfect option if you need motivation, discipline, expertise and customized exercise. 
Try Personal Training starting at $50 per session.

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Virtual Pilates at GHF

Pilates is a comprehensive movement program that speaks to everyone, helping clients develop proper alignment and stabilization, giving all bodies the gift of freedom in movement. 

Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you toward body awareness, flexibility and deep muscle strength while maintaining an environment of complete focus. Learn the technique of Pilates to isolate your deep core muscles along with upper and lower body muscles. Virtual Pilates is offered in 4-week workshops at various times and days of the week. 
Try Pilates for $89 for 4 weeks.

Pilates private at GHF

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Virtual TRIBE Team Training at GHF

It's a total-body workout that will leave you sweating and working harder than you would on your own.

Choose from the low-impact benefits of TRIBE LIFE, the toning, strength and stability of TRIBE CORE, or the high intensity functional fitness of TRIBE FIT. 
Try TRIBE starting at $99.

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Not quite sure how a virtual session of GHF Personal Training, TRIBE Team Training, or Pilates works?  Let us walk you through the simple steps to work out at home with an expert trainer and tons of calorie burning and muscle sculpting exercises. Your body will never be the same--and that's the point!

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