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What to Expect During Your Guest Experience

At Gainesville Health & Fitness, we treat members like family, and extend that hospitality to guests as well. We look forward to showing you around and answering any questions to determine if GHF is the right fit for you. 

Getting to Know Each Other

We are dedicated to providing you a pressure-free guest experience, so you can feel at home here. The moment you pass through the doors at any of our three fitness center locations, our front desk crew will greet you with warm smiles. Just walk over and introduce yourself as a guest. All you need to check in is a photo I.D.

Within a few moments, your fitness counselor will come to the desk to meet you. Think of him or her as your concierge for the day. She will take a few minutes to get to know you and learn what you’re looking for in a gym.

Experiencing the Gym

Your fitness counselor will gladly provide a complete tour of our facility, and may also introduce you to a few other GHF team members along the way.

She will then set you up for a workout that matches your preferences and goals. You will have access to all gym services included with membership during your visit, including free babysitting at our Kids Club.

By the end of your visit, we hope you will feel great and have all the information you need to choose GHF as your new health club.

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