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Meet Your X-Force Body Coaches

Kobe Kelley

Hometown: Petersburg, Virginia

How did you get into X-Force? I got into X-Force because they needed someone at the time, and with it being one-on-one coaching I jumped for the opening and never looked back! 

What are your hobbies? I love working out, going to the movies, playing cards and board games!
What are your goals (professional/athletic/life)? I would like to have my own gym someday! Also, I would love to become a fitness physique model.
What’s your workout style?
Strength training, stretching, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, balance exercises and interval training. Its hard to just pick one because I love to mix it up!

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Meet Kobe

Max Stephens

Longwood, Florida

How did you get into X-Force?
I first started at GHF working the front desk, and I felt that I could further contribute to helping people achieve their fitness goals by becoming an X-Force Body coach.

What are your hobbies? 
Working out, boxing and golfing.

What are your goals (professional/athletic/life)? 
My goals in life are to start a happy, healthy and successful family one day.

What’s your workout style? 
Efficient, athletic, and functional.

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Meet Max

Torry Davis 

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

How did you get into X-Force? Being only a Floor Instructor wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to expand my knowledge and grow into a better person than I previously was. That landed me into X-Force Body where I feel i’m making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

What are your hobbies? Music, exercise and learning.
What are your goals (professional/athletic/life)? To be influential and impactful.

What is your workout style? 
I have a connective style. I try to make all people I train feel as though I will push the weight with them if I have to.
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Meet Torry

Tiffany Rivera

Where’s your hometown? Miami, FL 

How did you get into X-Force? I’ve been working for the company since 2014 and wanted to make a greater contribution by coaching and encouraging others on their fitness journey. Kobe (who is like a brother to me) pushed me to take that step and join the team.

What are your hobbies?: 
Singing, hiking, bird-watching, puzzles and watching anime.

What are your goals (professional/athletic/life)? 
Continue to fill my passport and work as a wildlife biologist in various regions. Then, hopefully settle with my own practice as an exotic animal vet.

What is your workout style? 

 I prefer mobility/powerlifting exercises (eg. deadlifts and cleans) and the X-Force machines are a given.

Degrees/certifications: B.A in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation/Pre-Vet


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Meet Tiffany

Austin Wilson

Hometown: Palatka Florida

How did you get into X-Force? I wanted to help people achieve their goals.

What are your hobbies?: Working out, watching sports and seeing family and friends.

What are your goals (professional/athletic/life)? My goal in life is to travel around the world after I get my degree in Physician assisting.

Degrees/certifications: I have a degree in applied kinesiology and physiology from the University of Florida.

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Meet Austin Wilson