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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga at GHF

What is yoga?

Yoga joins body, breath, and mind.  The practice of yoga incorporates balance as muscles lengthen and strengthen.  Attention to breath increases stamina as well as calmness.

How many times a week should I come to Yoga?

How often you decide to come to yoga should be based around your personal goals. For beginners, we recommend 2x per week. At GHF, we have Yoga classes morning, afternoon, & evening at all three of our centers so you are sure to find a class that fits your schedule. Remember to never do anything that hurts you. 

How do I know which class to choose?

We recommend starting with Yoga, Yoga Level 1, or Hatha Yoga. These classes are great for beginners. After that, try a few other classes to get a feel for the different styles & instructors. Then you'll be able to choose the best class for you.

Do I have to be a pretzel? 

No, you don’t.  You only go into a pose as far as feels good for your body.  Your teacher will offer options so you can choose what works for you.  

Does yoga build strength?  

Yes, it does.  You use your body weight as resistance while strengthening.  

Sometimes it looks like a yoga class is doing nothing.  What’s going on?

The practice of Yoga includes body, breath, and mind.  The class may be exploring breath or the finer points of a pose.  

What kinds of yoga classes does GHFC offer?

GHFC offers a wide range of yoga classes from calm and slow to very active.  Chair yoga classes address openness, strength, and breath without getting down on the floor.  Try different classes and different teachers to find what suits you.

Do I need to bring a mat to class?

Yes, please bring your own yoga mat to class. We do provide "fitness" mats but they do not have the "sticky" quality that a yoga mat does and may cause your feet to slide.

What does Vinyasa mean?

Vinyasa means movement in-time with the breath. It means at times we will be flowing quickly from posture to posture with the inhalations and exhalations we take.

Do I need to be good at yoga to take a class?

Our instructors offer many levels of challenge. It is best if you have any mobility limitations to begin with gentle yoga classes to ease into the practice.

Do I need to sign-up / register in advance? 

For GHF Members - all you need to do is show up.
For GHF Guests - Get your All-Access Pass here.