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Explore the workshops at Gainesville Health & Fitness. Each workshop is specially created to help expand your mind, stretch,strengthen or tone your body, and enhance your soul.

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Workshops At Echo Of GHF

Couples Yoga & Cacao
October 30th, 11:30-12:45pm

Join Yoga Teachers and Couple Melissa Baker and Michael Malles for an opportunity to drink Cacao, a heart-opening superfood, and to experience a great sense of balance, harmony, and connection with your partner, yourself, and our planet. 
This event includes: 
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Yoga and Movement
  • Couples Meditation
  • Live Music Sound Healing
Why cacao?
  • In its raw & natural state, contains over 300 superfood compounds.
  • It's a natural stimulant, vasodilator, and muscle relaxant.
  • It relaxes our hard-working bodies, and allows blood to flow more freely, and energizes the nervous system. 
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Second Annual RENEW Yoga Retreat

November 13th-14th
Reinvigorate, renew, and realign with your true self, so you can re-enter your life with the freshness that is needed to keep up in your daily life.
Each class will be held outdoors with proper social distancing protocols in place. This is a co-ed event, with all levels welcome.
Includes Three yoga classes, Vegetarian Lunch & Tea, Cacao (Chocolate), CHILL Hydrotherapy Session, free smoothie and refreshing drinks, Tote bag filled with goodies, three days of rejuvenation, and more! 
Two Beauitful Days: 
November 13 Day 1:  9am - 2pm
November 14 Day 2: 9am - 2pm


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