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Golf Fit

Add More Power, Strength & Flexibility To Your Golf Game

Just like pro tour clients know, a strong personal training regimen is essential to a winning golf game. GolfFit at Gainesville Health & Fitness is a 12-week (24 session) golf fitness program designed to build stronger golfers.

The GolfFit Program
GolfFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to address fitness needs of golfers. During the 12 weeks the participant is coached 1-on-1 through a 3-phase program: Stabilization and Mobilization Phase, Strength Phase, and Power Phase. During each of these phases a client works through 4 components:

Prehab: exercises designed to prevent or rehab common golf injuries.

Dynamic Warm-Up: movement to increase power production, decrease post-activity soreness and reduce recovery time.

GolfFit Strength: GHF personal trainers lead the client through their customized golf-specifc strength training program.

GolfFlex: Stretching exercises tailored to the client to increase flexibility.

If you are looking for strength, flexibility and more power in your golf game, then you are looking for GolfFit.