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Meet Jeremiah


Meet Jeremiah

Hometown: Born in Carbondale, Illinois but mostly lived in Florida. I moved to Gainesville for the University and stayed because of GHF.

What do you do? I spend the majority of my time at the fitness center encouraging as many non-exercisers to start a healthier lifestyle. Outside of the gym I am a professional viola player and perform with the Gainesville Orchestra, and I am a part of the Gainesville String Quartet
(a group I started with 3 friends I met in the orchestra). 

What gets you out of bed each morning? My alarm clock and coffee.

What is your favorite part about your role? To get the most out of my role requires me to listen to as many people as I can. In doing so the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to gain insightful information about the lives of thousands of people and hear their stories. So my favorite part is that I’m able to meet so many different people and help them get started here at GHF.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is: If you don’t control yourself, the world will control you.

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