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Joe Cirulli

Inspiring Human Potential

Joe Cirulli has focused his life working on two things: helping people become healthy and building a company culture that inspires people to become their best.

Joe Cirulli

Joe Cirulli


Joe Cirulli, owner and founder of Gainesville Health & Fitness, has focused his life on two things: helping people become healthy and building a company culture that inspires people to become their best.

GHF's visionary goals, like Joe's own, are well-known among company staff. Focused, aligned efforts leading the company's vision, developing leadership and motivating team members continually propel GHF to reach its true potential.

GHF's many accolades include guiding Gainesville, Florida to become "The Healthiest Community in America," featured on the cover of INC Magazine, and becoming the only Florida company named one of "The Best Small Companies in America, 2016" by Forbes. Joe was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 for contributions to his industry.

Joe is invited to speak around the world sharing best business practices that have come from a lifetime of building his dream.

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One Of The Most Interesting Stories You'll Ever Hear

Never wavering in his vision or efforts despite adversity—from working for companies that went bankrupt to living on his last 12 cents in his car—Joe's quest always has been to inspire human potential. At 24, Joe Cirulli started Gainesville Health & Fitness with only $1,700. Today, GHF is one of the most well-known and respected health clubs for the world.

Joe Cirulli

Invite to Speak

Become a stronger better leader and improve company culture. Invite Joe to speak to your group, students, employees, or managers on motivational topics, best buisness practices, company cuture and more.


Bring Your Group To GHF

Gym owners, business leaders, and student groups from across the globe have traveled to Gainesvile to tour Gainesville Health & Fitness as see first hand what Joe has built and the power of company cutlure.

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Joe's Talks

Invite Joe Cirulli to talk to your group or bring them to come visit GHF for an exclusive tour of Gainesville Health and Fitness. Joe has spoken to everyone from students to business leaders on a wide range to topics. He speaks about the many adversities he overcame early in his career, and how his passion for fitness and entrepreneurship grew into a world-leading fitness center.

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