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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level or explore something new? Learn more below. Simply send us your info along with your program area of interest. We will be happy to share more information, set you up with free promo classes and sessions, and help you tailor a program that will help you live your life, without limits! 

Need help deciding? Here's a quick snapshot of our premium service programs.

  • Personal Training: One on one training with a completely customized plan and high levels of accountability. Just right for those working toward a longer, healthier life and counteracting the natural effects of aging.
  • Pilates: Restorative exercise designed to give you inner core strength for improved structural alignment, posture, balance, and centered awareness. Popular among athletes, seniors, those recovering from injuries, and anyone else needing joint friendly movements.
  • GHF Barre: Barre classes are the hottest way to sculpt lean muscle. Using the ballet barre and your own body weight, you will transform your shape and improve flexibility, strength, and posture in the pilates and dance inspired class.
  • Tribe Team Training: A true team experience combining the charisma of a leader and the powerful support of a team to get better results and exceed expectations. No one in our tribe gets left behind. We unite together, we work together, and as a result, we grow together.
  • X-Force Body: The focus is fat loss through a structured low calorie eating plan and a negative-accentuated strength training program, only 30 minutes, twice a week. Prepare to shed fat, build muscle, and reshape your body.
  • GHF CrossFit: High intensity fitness that challenges you to personal best levels and a spirit of camaraderie that won't let you quit until you get results you never imagined possible.

Still unsure? Simply choose "Help Me Discover" in the drop-down menu and our expert fitness counselors will help you find a program to fit your needs and goals.