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Learn a Fat Torching Secret from GHF Training!

Reboot your resolution with effective and affordable GHF Express Training!

Welcome to our Resolution Reboot Part 2 with Director of GHF Training, Scott Larkin. We're want to encourage you to try some new ways to get back on track with your New Year's Resolutions!

The Secret weapon to busting through a weight loss plateau can be lifting weights. Here, detailed in the video, are 3 big bang exercises for adding muscle and supercharging your metabolism.

3 Big Bang Movements
Compound movements that require many muscles to work together

    1. Dumbbell Thruster
    2. Plank Row
    3. Posterior Stepping Lunge with Rotation

Lifting weights can help you lose fat, change how your body looks and tone your muscles. You can also successfully re-sculpt any trouble spots. Have fun and good luck with your Resolution Reboot!