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SPLASH Your Way Slim at GHF

In GHF's amazing aquatics center!

It's hot out there! Submerge yourself in some refreshing H2O to burn calories and tone up all over. Water provides 12 to 15 times more resistance than air so it’s a great way to get in shape. You'll have more fun, stay cool, and shed pounds in no time. 

Your SPLASH PASS gives you full access to our main location for 7 days to try lap swimming in the 75 ft indoor heated pool and...

Energy classes like

  • Liquid TNT

  • Power Aqua

  • H2O Interval

Softer classes including

  • Gentle Joints

  • Arthritis Aquatics

  • Aqua Strength & Balance

  • Mothers in Motion

Swimming is an incredibly safe way to get fit, tone and lose weight for all ages and fitness levels. It is a great way to de-stress, workout and most importantly calibrate. Water is therapeutic and whether you’re an avid swimmer or just starting out it can be a refreshing way to reach your health & fitness goals. *First time local guests only *One complimentary program per year Activate by Sept. 30, 2014

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