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Free Summer Gym Membership for Teens

June 5 - August 4, 2017

Welcome to our 9th Annual Free Teen Membership Program
for Alachua County teens, ages 13 - 17.

Membership Benefits: Teens may use the centers for up to 2 hours per visit. Teen membership hours are below. PARENTS, PLEASE READ THE HOURS FOR THE TEEN PROGRAM.

Monday - Friday: 6am-3pm at all three centers. Last check-in 2:30pm

Saturday: GHF Main 8am-10pm. Last check-in 9:30p.  GHF Tioga & Women 8am-6pm. Last check-in at 5:30pm

Sunday: GHF Main 8am-10pm; GHF Tioga 12pm-5pm. GHF Women closed.

Qualifying Age: Ages 13-17 with government issued I.D. (birth certificate, passport).

Parental Consent: Must be enrolled by parent or legal guardian (legal guardianship requires proof). Parents do not have to be GHF members for their teens to participate. 
Registration: Complete the registration and waiver form below. Next, bring your teen and proof of age to any GHF location. You are also able to register after the program begins at any time, but please note program hours above and last check-in is 30 min. prior to end of teen program.

Note: Teens may not use the Power of Friends Guest program while enrolled as a summer teen member.

Teen Rules and Regulations

GHF Teen Membership Registration Form and Waiver

(Please only submit your application once)

*please only click the submit button one time!