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Arthritis Fitness Options


Pain and stiffness don’t have to be a part of your everyday life. The many resources at GHF, including the Arthritis Aquatic Center, provide multiple avenues to strengthen and restore achy joints so you can feel your best.
Arthritis-Friendly Fitness Classes
Classes like TaiChi and Gentle Arthritis Exercise are available on the group fitness schedule

Aqua Classes
Certified instructor-led classes included with your membership!
Increase endurance, strength and flexibility without causing undue stress to the joints

Hot Therapy Pool
Increase blood flow, pain tolerance and flexibility ·Arthritis relief may be found without medication ·Temperature: 92 degrees

Cold Plunge
Stimulates blood circulation
Rapidly cools the body
Numbs nerves around the joint, reducing pain and relieving inflammation and muscle spasms
Temperature: 55 degrees

Provides warmth, massage and buoyancy needed to relax and exercise joints and muscles
Allows for ease of movement of joints affected by arthritis

Melt away stress
Eliminate toxins through the skin
Soothe the respiratory system

Steam Room
Ease tired muscles
Deeply cleanse skin