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A Place To Call Home

A GHF Podcast Inspired By Gainesville

Join us in uncovering the heartwarming tales of Gainesville's residents, exploring what truly makes this city a place worth calling home. Every episode will take you on a journey beyond the surface of Gainesville's reputation, delving into its rich history and vibrant community spirit.

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About A Place to Call Home Podcast

Welcome to A Place to Call Home, the podcast where we delve into the vibrant stories of Gainesville Health & Fitness employees and local residents who have chosen to call Gainesville their home sweet home. Each episode invites you to connect with a new guest as they share their personal journey and deep-rooted connection to this charming city. From what initially captivated them about Gainesville to the moments that solidified its place in their hearts, we uncover what makes this community truly special.

But we don't stop there. Alongside these captivating personal narratives, we'll also sit down with experts who shed light on the rich tapestry of Gainesville's history, pivotal events, and the art of community building. Our aim? To offer you a comprehensive exploration of life in "The Swamp" that goes far beyond its reputation as just a college town.


Podcast Guests

From familiar faces you may already know within Gainesville to locals whose stories you've yet to discover, each episode brings forth a captivating blend of perspectives. We are excited to bring you along to hear from guests who add depth and diversity to our exploration of what truly makes Gainesville a place to call home.
Andy Farina headshot podcast interview  Episode 1: Andy Farina
We're joined by Andy Farina. Andy is an ultra marathon runner, a fitness instructor, a community chaplain, father, husband, and wears a handful of other hats. Learn what inspires Andy and how he's doing his own part to make the world a better place!

Joe Cirulli Podcast Guest Episode 2: Joe Cirulli
GHF Owner and CEO, Joe Cirulli, is with us in the studio. Joe started Gainesville Health & Fitness 45 years ago and has been recognized for his achievements all around the world. From family to exercising in front of the TV as a young boy, find out the whos, whats, wheres, whens and whys of what has made Joe and GHF who and what they are today!

About the Host

Host, Johnathan Ross, is the GHF photographer and videographer. Outside of his work with GHF, he has been a lifelong writer and cinephile. Coming from a long line of verbal storytellers, he hopes A Place to Call Home and the stories of each guest can help inspire, entertain, and build new connections within the Gainesville community.


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Our podcast follows a bi-weekly release schedule, with each episode featuring 1-2 engaging guests sharing their unique stories and perspectives on Gainesville.