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The Unquestionable Benefits of Strength Training

While everyone is interested in losing fat and increasing metabolism, there are additional benefits of strength training that will greatly impact your health. Science tells us that conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, and depression are significantly reduced through the effects of regular strength training. And then there’s improved coordination and balance which helps reduce injury, especially important for us as we age.

So even though you will enjoy the more immediate perks of strength training, ramping up your metabolism and getting rid of fat, you will enjoy the longer term benefits for a lifetime.

Our Strength Training Circuit - The Line

Perfect for the Rookie Exerciser

It was 1978 and GHF owner Joe Cirulli was getting ready to open the first GHF location in a small building on Archer Road, just 1500 sq. ft (size of our lobby). As he was pondering the layout of the weight equipment he asked himself “what would my mom and dad do if they walked in here? They wouldn’t have a clue about what to do.” That single thought is responsible for our strength training circuit called The Line, known all over the world as a novel way to help those who are new and don’t have that clue.

The Line is a series of 9 MedX Strength machines organized from biggest to smallest muscle groups and includes all of your major muscle groups. It is scientifically sound in it’s training principles to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time; it’s efficient, effective, and safe.

But the most important feature of The Line is our staff, available not only to teach you how to use our equipment on your initial visit, they’re here to assist and motivate you every time. And, there’s no extra charge. So if you are a rookie and are afraid you will look stupid because you don’t know what to do, try The Line.

Just look for the blue shirts and they will help you get set up on every machine and assist you in every workout on The Line.