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at GHF Tioga

If you want a sleek,
toned body and enjoy an environment of complete focus to synergize the
mind and body, Pilates is perfect for you.

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GHF Pilates Studio Schedule







 8:15am Reformer 1-2
 9:30am Reformer 1
 12:00pm Reformer 1
 3:45pm Reformer 2
 5:30pm Mixed 1-2 

 5:45am Reformer 1
 9:30am Barre Pilates
 10:45am Reformer 2
 12:00pm Reformer 1
 5:30pm Advanced 
 6:45pm Mixed 1-2

 8:15am Mixed 1-2
 9:30am Reformer 2
 10:45 Reformer 1
 12pm Healthy Joints
 4pm Mixed 1-2
 5:15pm Barre Pilates
 6:30pm Reformer 1
 5:45am Reformer 1
 9:30am 20/20/20
 10:45am Reformer 2
 12pm Reformer 2
 5:15pm Advanced 

 7am Reformer 2
 8:15am Reformer 2
 9:30am Mixed 1-2

 8:00am Reformer 1
 9:15am Reformer 2
 10:30am Workshop

Class Descriptions:
Reformer 1Reformer 1-2Advanced ReformerBarre PilatesExpress BarreMixed Equipment