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GHF is proud to have a the J-Bar at our Main location where they strive to meet all of our member’s needs and wants whether it’s fitness, nutrition or recovery goals. Not only is it their duty to help fulfill these wants and needs, but they strive to be knowledgeable about the facility to help answer any questions. 

Job Responsibilities: As a J-Bar attendant we try to find what best suits the member’s nutritional wants and needs before or after their workout. We strive to achieve this in a friendly, clean, and warm environment. 

A Jbar Attendant's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

* Providing premier customer service, including greeting them, responding to questions, engaging with members. 

* Maintaining a clean and orderly environment 

* Assisting in other duties, as assigned 

* Greeting every member and guest while creating a positive and 

* welcoming first impression 

* Remain knowledgeable on facility information and finding the answers to all member questions. 

* Become quick and efficient in making a smoothie while keeping all areas of Jbar stocked 

* Attends all required staff meetings