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GHF Pilates Reformer

at GHF Tioga

Built on a foundation of full-body strength, the Pilates Reformer takes your workout to the next level though restorative and powerful movements to sculpt, strengthen, and recover.  You can expect to improve balance, coordination, and control while developing muscular balance and flexibility with each workout.

Pilates on the Reformer is an essential cross-training workout.  Our clients range from men and women that are rehabilitating an injury to professional athletes, including NFL Placekickers.  It is one of the most effective strategies for continued change.

Our Certified Pilates Instructors will show you the Pilates difference with 1 Free Private Session when you purchase your first 4-session class package. Learn how the Pilates Reformer works, how it differs from other forms of exercise, and the Pilates principles to help you feel comfortable in your first Pilates group class.  Sign up today and see the full benefits that GHF Pilates has to offer.

Receive your complimentary one-on-one session with the purchase of a 4-session package. For first-time pilates clients; one offer per client.

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