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 Zumba Your Way Slim at GHF

Get Your Zumba mini membership and reduced calorie plan

*For first time, local guests.


Burn calories and lose weight while you dance, sing, move, and make friends in Zumba.

Zumba is a super-effective dance-cardio based workout that’s so much fun, it feels more like a party than an exercise class. Zumba can burn more than 8 calories a minute because the high-energy, interval-style choreography uses the entire body to maximize caloric burn. It's a fitness class for people of all ages and sizes.

What You Get

  • Free 7-day membership to take all of the classes you'd like with access to all GHF locations.
  • Full membership privileges (including free babysitting).
  • Reduced calorie meal plan written by a Registered Dietician.