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Pilates at GHF Tioga

Sculpt Your Body + Restore Your Mind

Develop a lean, toned body while enjoying an environment of complete focus. Our Certified Pilates Instructors will guide you towards body awareness, flexibility and strength, all while helping you achieve your fitness goals.

We offer the best in Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower, Pilates Chair, and Pilates Cadillac. It's the recommended training method to strengthen, lengthen, and restore.

Pilates is a comprehensive movement program that speaks to everyone, helping clients develop proper alignment and stabilization, giving all bodies the gift of freedom in movement. A strong core radiates, bringing strength to the whole self.

Pilates Studio pose

Pilates Class Descriptions

Pre-Pilates package required before joining Pilates classes. One 30-min private orientation session and one Pilates Foundation class, $25 ($75 value)

Pilates Foundations

Our most basic Pilates Reformer class for those new to Pilates as well as clients wanting to strengthen their Pilates practice. In this 55-minute class you will learn the basic principles behind the Pilates work and focus on body alignment, pelvic stability, breathing, abdominal strength, and flexibility.  Required for new Pilates clients before they progress to other classes.

Pilates Signature

Our Pilates Signature Class at GHF Pilates utilizes various pieces of traditional Pilates equipment to give you the best Pilates workout possible. Experience the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Props during this 55 minute class.

Pilates Advanced

The most advanced level of Pilates Reformer. Advanced Pilates takes Pilates to a challenging new level. Building upon the fundamental knowledge and strength developed in our Signature Pilates Classes, Advanced Pilates will add more balance, strength and fluidity to your practice.

Pilates Chair

Created by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Chair creates a unique and challenging way to build strength in the core, improve balance and increase muscle coordination and control.

Pilates Tower

Pilates Tower uses the Balanced Body Tower to provide a full-body 55 minute workout incorporating routines commonly seen in Pilates Mat, Barre, and on the Pilates Cadillac.

Pilates Restore

Relax, Restore, and Increase Relaxation in this 55 minute class utilizing foam rollers, yamuna body rolling balls, and various Pilates apparatus to lengthen tired and sore muscles.

Pilates Barre

Pilates Barre is a hybrid training program that incorporates Ballet Barre moves on Reformer, Chair, Tower, and jumpboard to help you build a strong core, lean muscles, and improve posture, flexibility and balance. No prior dance experience is required!

Learn Pilates Basics With Your
Pre-Pilates Package


For All New Clients

The Pre-Pilates Package allows you to learn Pilates before you go into regular classes. Complete this form and we will be in touch to schedule your 30 minute private Pilates intro session and one Pilates Reformer class, $25 ($75 value). At GHF Tioga.

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