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Discover Recovery at GHF

Recovery for mind, body and spirit.

Recovery is the new face of total wellness that will transform your fitness experience beyond the ordinary. The integration the four components of recovery will bring you full circle to living your best life with a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Sauna at GHF

Indoor Pool & Spa Area

Discover the restorative power of water in our newly remodeled AQUIX Studio. Swim your way fit in our indoor lap pool, take an aqua class for a joint-friendly workout, and let your muscles and mind recover in the sauna, steam, whirlpool, and cold pool.

Hydro Massage

Relax, reduce stress, and recover from workouts and hectic schedules in our Chill Studio. Eight warm water massage lounges relax your muscles and your mind for a one-of-a-kind post-workout recovery. You will leave the gym feeling like a new person. 

ReQuest Physical Therapy

Experts in back pain with highly specialized spine strenghtening equipment, researched and proven, to significantly reduce and eliminate your pain.

Group Exercise Classes

Incorporate recovery-focused classes into your routine to work on restoring and repairing muscle to avoid injury or overuse. Offered in our GroupFit Studios, these classes allow the body and mind to slow down, which is a nice way to balance out high-intensity workouts. You will find healing and restorative elements in all levels of Yoga, Simply Stretch, Tai Chi, Body Flow, Gentle Joints, and Breathing For Life.


The J-Bar Smoothie Cafe menu is filled with healthy snacks, food and smoothies that make for the perfect fuel for your workout or enhances your recovery. Smoothies are made to order with superior fresh ingredients, including all real fruit. Enhancements such as whey protein and branched chain amino acids are available.

Cancer Recovery Program

Your no-charge cancer recovery program is designed improve your physical strength and endurance and empower you to gain control of your life. You will be introduced to strength training, aerobic, and flexibility training at a gradual pace as you work with a fitness counselor to monitor your progress.

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