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Cancer Recovery at GHF

A free 4--week fitness program for those recovering from cancer and its treatments.

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is a side effect from cancer therapies that leaves you with a feeling of whole body tiredness that is not relieved by rest or sleep. This fatigue can prevent normal functioning and can adversely impact quality of life.

The 4-week fitness program is designed improve your physical strength and endurance and empower you to gain control of your life.  You will be introduced to muscular strength, aerobic, and flexibility training along with a recovery component (ghfc.com/recovery) at a gradual pace as you work with a fitness guide to monitor your progress.  

How To Begin/What To Expect:
Call Debbie Lee at 377-4955  or debbie.lee@ghfc.com to make an appointment for orientation; you should be cleared for physical activity by your physician.

At orientation, you will meet with a fitness guide to decide on your fitness goals, receive a structured exercise plan, and set up your schedule. You will also learn how to access the gym locations, where everything is located, and how the staff will help you each time you come in.

You will progress through the 4 weeks at your own pace with regular communication "check ups" with your fitness counselor.