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Mind, body, and spirit

Recovery is the new face of total wellness that will transform your fitness experience beyond the ordinary. The integration the four components of recovery will bring you full circle to living your best life with a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  

Dive into pure relaxation and awaken your body in the newly remodeled pool area.


Relax, reduce stress, and recover from workouts, hectic schedules, or everyday life in our HydroMassage chairs.

ReQuest Physical Therapy
Experts in back pain with highly specialized spine strenghtening equipment, researched and proven, to significantly reduce and eliminate your pain.

Feel the healing enery that surrounds you with classes that inspire and renew. Our experts will guide you to new personal pathways and a place you long to be.

Cancer Recovery
The 4-week program is designed improve your strength and endurance and empower you to gain control of your life. You will be introduced to strength, aerobic, and flexibility training at a gradual pace as you work with a fitness guide to monitor your progress. 

Back Pain
MedX machines have been researched and clinically proven to isolate and strengthen the low back, neck, and torso muscles-like no other machines on the market. Clinical studies have shown that the low back machine relieves pain, restores function, and reduces the need for spinal surgeries.