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Helping someone else get in shape and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is what it's all about.  And, exercising with a friend will get you to the gym more regularly which means better results for both of you.

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Power of Friends

Between The Workout

Take a peak at the life of GHF between the workouts. You'll find a community of believers inspired by the people and things that happen between each set and rep. 

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Healthy Halloween Snacks

It's hard enough to keep your kids from snacking on all the wrong things, but especially around the Halloween season. Camille joins us to provide some insight into how you can keep the kids snacking healthy until they go trick r' treating!

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Pilates for breast cancer

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GHF’s Main Center makes it easy to get in shape, with 24-hour access, free childcare and the area’s best selection of equipment and training options. Take a look inside.

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Free Pilates Classes For Breast Cancer Survivors

Pilates is a safe and effective way to regain strength, flexibility and endurance during and after breast cancer treatment. Pilates helps promote lymphatic, respiratory and circulatory function. Sign up for your free Pilates classes every Wednesday at 1pm in October.

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40 year anniversary of GHF