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We're proud to uphold the GHF Standard to keep our guests, members, and staff safe. Read about all safety and santizing protocols we have in place. 

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Only GHF combines the best in safety practices with world-class fitness. We are the cleanest gym in Gainesville. 

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Make the most out of life. At GHF, we get results faster than anywhere else. With more locations, hours, amenities and equipment, you have everything you need all in one place.

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Strength Training For High School Students

The movements of CrossFit increase overall strength for improvement in running, jumping and explosiveness - vital components of an athlete's performance.

Join our strength program on Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9-10am starting June 18th on our outdoor turf at GHF Tioga.
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Many people feel nervous about coming into a gym. At GHF, we are the best at helping first timers get comfortable--we help you every step of the way.

Getting healthy shouldn't be scary or complicated. Now is the time to feel confident, fit and healthy! Here is your three-step plan to your healthiest you ever. 


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