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We're proud to uphold the GHF Standard to keep our guests, members, and staff safe. Read about all safety and santizing protocols we have in place. 

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Only GHF combines the best in safety practices with world-class fitness. We are the cleanest gym in Gainesville. 

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One-of-a-kind Post Workout Recovery

Feeling stressed? Relax and unwind in our Chill Studio.

Each session will loosen up muscles, increase oxygen and blood flow, remove lactic acid buildup, and deliver nutrients from your body to your muscles. You'll walk out feeling like a new person.

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Kick-off your path to success at GHF, where people get the results they're looking for faster than anywhere else. 

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Women-Only Self Defense Class

The Alachua County Sheriff's department will be teaching a self-defense tactics, concepts, and techniques class. 

The class is $10 and all proceeds go to Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network. 

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Feeling Some Gym Intimidation? 

Many people feel nervous about coming into a gym. At GHF, we are the best at helping first timers get comfortable--we help you every step of the way.

Getting healthy shouldn't be scary or complicated. Now is the time to feel confident, fit and healthy! Here is your three-step plan to your healthiest year ever. 


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Yoga For Pregnancy

Strengthen your body, build your community, and connect to your intuition in this 5-week parental yoga series. Melissa Baker, certified instructor, will help you improve strength and flexibility.

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