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Found it hard to get back to your routine, have low energy or your workouts aren't getting you results?

We have the motivation you need for results that matter. Choose what's right for you based on your training styles, goals, schedule and wallet.

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Kick-off your path to success at GHF, where people get the results they're looking for faster than anywhere else. 

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Achieve your fitness goals through 1-on-1 workouts personalized to match your abilities. Your personal trainer will inspire, guide and motivate you to the finish line. 

Reach new fitness levels with built-in accountability and expert trainers.

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Feeling Some Gym Intimidation? 

Many people feel nervous about coming into a gym. At GHF, we are the best at helping first timers get comfortable--we help you every step of the way.

Getting healthy shouldn't be scary or complicated. Now is the time to feel confident, fit and healthy! Here is your three-step plan to your healthiest year ever. 


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Add Some Sun To Your Workout

We all love a good sweat. Spice up your routine with some outdoor exercise. Meet new people and breathe fresh air in our group outdoor classes at GHF. All classes are free and open to the public. 


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