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Sports Activities at GHF

Fitness activities aren't just beneficial for you physically, the best workouts also benefit your emotional and mental state. Stress relief, mindfulness, and increasing brain power are also now popular incentives for working out. Check out the numerous sports-related activities you can participate in at Gainesville Health & Fitness. 

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Indoor Lap Pool

Dive into pure relaxation and awaken your body in the newly remodeled pool area at GHF Main. Escape your everyday life and indulge in the face of relaxation. We've created a healing environment designed to encourage rest and reduce stress. 

High-Intensity Interval Training

Burn more calories in less time with high-intensity interval training.GHF offers the best variety of HIIT classes and programs in Gainesville. Find challenging and rewarding classes involving bursts of energy in intervals that kick your metabolism into high gear.

Basketball & Volleyball
Looking to just shoot some hoops or get your NBA all-star game on with friends? Gainesville Health & Fitness basketball facilities are dynamic and functional for all levels of performance.

Indoor Cycling

Located on the second floor of GHF Main, our Sky Cycle studio offers a unique experience you will not find anywhere else. Enjoy a themed class with music, take a virtual ride, or ride at your own pace outside of class times. 


Sports Performance

GHF performance coaches work with athletes across multiple sports disciplines. Our coaches take the young athlete through a comprehensive assessment and carefully design sports conditioning programs for the athlete that will increase speed, strengthen, and improve performance. We also place emphasis on GHF Pre-hab, which is designed to address and prevent common injuries related to your sport.

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