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Welcome to GHF CrossFit

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GHF CrossFit thrives on the pursuit of optimal fitness. The combination of high intensity, camaraderie and competition will give you the motivation to achieve results you never imagined possible.

What makes GHF CrossFit different? Every coach is a nationally certified personal trainer with the highest levels of knowledge and expertise – to get you personal best results in the safest way. We specialize in helping new CrossFit participants get started.  Learn more below.

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Are you new to CrossFit? 

GHF CrossFit offers a one-of-a-kind Fundamentals of CrossFit course for those new to the sport. 

CrossFit GHF's Fundamentals Program is designed solely to create success at the next level. We accomplish this by hammering our mantra of “Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity” through the entire 8 classes of the Fundamentals Program. Each class is designed to introduce you to a foundation of CrossFit, practice it, and then perform it during the WOD for the day.
CrossFit GHF holds safety in the highest regard. That is why you will be assessed twice during the 3 week program, for free. One assessment will be performed by a doctor at ReQuest Physical Therapy, where they will take you through a Joint Analysis Screening. The other will be with your CrossFit coach; your coach will do a body composition analysis, a movement screen, and a baseline workout. They will also go over your health history and goal setting. 

Classes will be held Monday and Wednesday at 5:45pm and 8am on Saturday.