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Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness. For Life.

Staying active through your lifetime has many benefits with the end result of living better and living longer. Club Seniors at GHF offers you resort style amenities, senior-friendly classes, and a community of seniors just like you. More strength, flexibility, mobility, and friends are the results you can expect. 

Pilates Studio reformer

Classes are taught by a team of experienced instructors in our 75 ft indoor heated pool. Class formats have lots of repetition, fewer directional changes, simple fitness movements, lower exercise intensities with fun music you will surely enjoy. Classes are perfect for those with limited mobility. GHF offers both aqua & land classes that make it an ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness, increasing range of motion, strength, and overall confidence. Aqua classes include Gentle Joints, Aqua Yoga, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Tread & Shed, Sculpt & Tone and more. You can select from these land classes: Cardio Gold, Simply Stretch, Tai Chi, Balance Foundations, Fitness Walking, Postural Health, and others. You can also enjoy the sauna, steam, hot tub, warm therapy pool, and cold pool in our Aquix Studio.

Our signature program is the Sit To Be Fit series which focuses on seated exercises for strength, cardio, core, yoga, and flexibility and is ideal for those with limited mobility.

Foam rollers, balls for rolling, and rolling sticks are provided.


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