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This Month's Eagles

  • Dan Dixon & RC – They came in near midnight after their shift and spent over an hour in the sauna trying to get a member’s cross that fell into the floor out for him. He went out of his way to set a high bar for what above and beyond for someone means. Alyssa Hines – “Hey Joe! I just wanted to send you a quick message about one of your employees. Alyssa Hines is an absolute gem!! She always seems to go above and beyond and you can tell she truly enjoys what she does. Her smiles are contagious and you are so fortunate to have someone like her on your team. Recently I asked Alyssa to write a “get to know letter” about my son Gabe for his new teacher and without any hesitation she was happy to do it. I only asked her because I know she really understands my son and bonds well with all her kiddos in KC! Like I said… Alyssa is a true gem! We love her!!” 
  • Allie Baker – I met her coming from the pool and found out how hard she is working to make sure the pool is to be better than ever! She even worked 20 hours extra in the last week as it is near completion. She listened to suggestions and really cares about our safety and experiences in pool/tub area! 
  • Liv Simmons – Liv started walking KC kids out to their cars in the rain then continued for everyone else waiting to leave Grace Engel – I forgot my grocery list in the locker room and Grace kindly found it then sent it to me so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back 
  • Daniel Hernandez – Just want to start by saying thank you to Daniel! I am here most days at least once if not twice in the same day and have never seen any employee put in the effort and self motivation to keep the environment clean and ready for use. I have primarily seen other employees being what I call now “lazy” compared to the effort Daniel put in this evening. To have a clean and neat gym environment makes a big difference I just would like to say thank you again and hopefully Adrian/Joe will receive this message of appreciation and give the employee the recognition he well deserved. Thanks again Daniel! Employee of the month/year in my book by far!

Couldn’t make it 

  • Meagan Lamothe – I got to the women’s center feelings a little weak (upset stomach earlier). Meagan suggested I make sure to drink a lot of water, so I don’t get dehydrated. I agreed but continued down the line. Next thing I know, Meagan brought me a bottle of cold water. I told her I’d run to my locker and get some money. She said “no, it’s on me Take care of yourself.” I was so touched. I’m 55 and I was really happy to see such kindness. I told a few people about this positive experience. Meagan is a thoughtful, kind, and wonderful human being 
  • Patrick – “My name is Anita Petersen and I am 53 years old. I have a personal trainer and his name is Patrick Millen. I have been training with Patrick since the end of September of 2017. I am proud to say I have lost nearly 80 pounds. None of this would not of been possible without the training with Patrick.