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Lose Inches & Fat

Weight Loss & Core Training for Women

Tighten Your Tummy is a six-week program lead by Pam Harrison, certified personal trainer, that combines small group core training and a low-calorie diet plan to transform your figure and see real results in record time.

Created by fitness expert Ellington Darden, Ph.D., Tighten Your Tummy is designed to help you lose inches and body fat with its twice-a-week workouts and easy-to-follow nutrition plan. You will rapidly eliminate belly fat, leading to your body transformation! Dr. Darden wrote a book with the same name that outlines his research and results with real GHF Women members. Program participants receive a free book at enrollment.

Six-Week Program

October 12 - November 18
Virtual Orientation: Emailed prior to starting the program
Fit 3D Pre-Scan by appointment:  Thursday, October 8th
Fit 3D measurements by appointment: Thursday, November 19th, 5:00-7:00pm 

12 Training Sessions at GHF Women limit 8 participants per session Mon/Wed at either of these times (choose one):

11:00-11:30am SOLD OUT
12:00-12:30 SOLD OUT
5:15-5:45 SOLD OUT
6:00-6:45 SOLD OUT

Fee: $149

TYT sessions include training sessions (twice a week for only 30 minutes), a Fit 3D Body Scan pre and post-program, a daily nutrition plan, an orientation class and motivation to keep you moving!


Please inquire below for the upcoming session. Space is limited. This is not a registration. Pam will email you with details on how to register if there are spots available.